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Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Flash to: somebody whaling on Joe in the stomach, then in the face, with that same rifle butt. Joe pushes the attacker guy down and takes his gun like so much candy from a child who is more than an infant, but less than a pre-teen. Joe points the rifle at the man and says he doesn't want any trouble. He's just cutting through the man's field. The man -- wearing a hat and looking quite the farmer -- says that Joe already killed one person, and the whole town is looking for him. Joe says he didn't do it. He tosses the rifle back. It doesn't accidentally fire and shoot the farmer. "I'm not a killer," Joe says. His voice shakes as he says, "I loved her. I'd never hurt her." The farmer decides to trust Joe. "I'm Hiram," he says, "Hiram Kent." They shake hands.

Flashy flash to the flash flash! "The drifter was here," Clark says, and I mimic him with my best Christopher Walken. "Your leaves. They're on fire. And the paperboy! He threw the paper...the paper in your YARD!" Clark tells Bo and MamaKent that the drifter met Grandpa Kent. Bo and MamaKent don't know what the hell to believe.

It's off to the barn loft! Bo, Clark, and MamaKent pull out a heavy trunk and open it to dig through more of the past. The past is really exhausting. Bo says he hasn't opened the trunk since the day his father passed away. They look to see if something will trigger a memory with Clark. Bo pulls out a big-ass belt buckle with an "H" on it and a belt still attached. He tells Clark that his grandfather wore that old thing every day of his life. It looks like Bo wants Clark to wear it (everybody would think the "H" was for "Homo"), but Clark politely puts it back in the trunk. MamaKent says she wishes Clark could have met him. Clark spots a brown leather jacket. He pulls it out. I see a flash coming.

Flash. Inside the Kent home, Hiram and his pretty blonde wife are helping Joe change into less conspicuous clothes, like a denim jacket. Hiram says they'll take all the back roads. Joe thanks the couple for their help. Hiram says he's not sending Joe out alone. Hiram asks if Joe's friends will be there to pick him up. "They'll be there," Joe says. Hiram says that Joe's welcome to stay and try to clear things up. Joe opens the door. An American flag waves outside. "I've got no reason to stay anymore," says Joe. Hiram, who has a cool latter-day Marc Singer quality about him, pats the baby in his wife's belly. "Bye, Gene," he tells the baby. "His name is Jonathan," GraMamaKent says. Hiram says they're still deciding. He kisses the Missus and heads out the door. Joe thanks GraMamaKent and hands her the leather jacket thus completing the...

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