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Let's Do The Time Warp Again

The caves. Clark is holding the medallion and staring at the corresponding symbol on the wall. Bo is behind him and asks what he's doing there. Clark's not sure. Oh, wait, I know. Memory flash!

Flash! Hiram stands behind Joe in the cave and asks what he's doing with his necklace. Because it's purty. And did he mention that Joe has a purty mouth, too? Joe turns and says he's supposed to return it to his father, but that there are too many memories attached. He thanks Hiram. They shake hands. Hiram says he can tell an honest man, and he's sorry Joe ran into trouble. Hiram says that there are still plenty of good folks in town. But they all die. Joe says he'll remember that. He congratulates Hiram on the baby. Hiram says that if Joe ever needs help, he knows where to find Joe. Hiram walks out of the cave. Joe turns back to the wall and uses an octagon disc from his pocket to reveal a symbol on the wall. A hole opens in the cave. Joe thrusts the medallion into the wall. It closes with a bunch of bright light.

Flash back to Clark. What was that? Bo asks what he saw. Clark says that Joe put the medallion in the wall to hide it from his dad. It acts as a kind of journal. Joe totally needed a LiveJournal with password protection. Clark thinks Joe was sent to town as a rite of passage. Clark says that Hiram was down in the cave, too. Clark trails off. Bo asks what's up. "I don't think you and mom found me by accident," Clark says. Clark thinks they were chosen. Dum dum DUUUUUMMMM! But not exactly "dumb." If you know what I'm saying.

Next week: finally, Lana dates somebody else. Because SHE AND CLARK BROKE UP. It can't be said enough.

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