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Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Pete asks Clark what's going on. Clark just had a vision. The daughter of the mailbox...her's on fire! Clark tells Pete it was like he was back in the '50s. (Er...psst...Clark. You're, like, two years off.) Clark tells Pete that "Joe" was the drifter's name. The camera spins around them as Clark starts walking. Clark reminds Pete about the time he was in the caves and got those flashes. Hot flashes? Clark says he thinks the little necklace crest "downloaded" Clark with all of Joe's memories. Yeah, it's a CompactFlash necklace. Clark says that whenever he touches something of Joe's, it triggers memories. Like that U.S. mailbox Joe owned. Clark says that the drifter saved Louise from a robber. "Of course he did!" Pete exclaims. But he adds that, back in the present time, we call those kinds of visions "daydreams." I can't believe there was a time I loved Sneaky Pete. I was young and stupid. Maybe just stupid. Clark says he has to find out if what he saw really happened. He plays with the medallion in his hand. On the back, it says "Josten's." You get a free tassel and senior photo cards with each medallion order!

High school. Clark blows some dust off an old book in the hallway which, allergy-wise, is about the worst thing you could do to a room. Clark asks Chloe, who's wearing Michael Jackson's red jacket from 1984, how she was able to get a public record out of the courthouse. She says she caught the clerk playing cops and robbers with his girlfriend. They have a nice laugh at the clerk's expense. Clark is looking for an arrest record that corresponds to when the movie was playing at The Talon. Chloe asks how Clark knows all this. Clark says it's a hunch that the drifter was there. The Hunch Knack of Clarkie's Brain. As they walk into the offices of The Torch, Chloe says that this is a little more detailed than the average hunch. Clark asks her, as the "curator of the Wall of Weird," to go with him on this one. Clark notices that there are pages missing in the log book from the day of Louise's murder. Clark can't find a record for the drifter, but he did find the robber: "Mr. Lachlan Luthor," a forty-five-year-old guy who was 5' 4" inches tall. "That's Lex's grandpa," Chloe says. Chloe says she has a file on Lex, and even knows his favorite cereal: Fruity Pebbles, followed by Trix, concluding with Cocoa Puffs. Clark says he has to go meet Lana: The Invisible Aunt Nell has found some of Louise's things in the attic, and they're going to go through them. Dead person fun! Clark wants Chloe to investigate the Luthor angle. Clark has already investigated the youngest Luthor from all angles. Chloe says she's going to have to bail on this: the last time she investigated Lex, he almost got killed. "Please," Clark says, "you're going to have to deal with this sooner or later." What kind of selfish prick crap is that? I guess Clark really doesn't love Lex in this episode. Chloe's not happy.

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