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Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Flash to the future. Clark's hand is on Lana's cheek. She's got color there, unlike Louise. Clark steps back. "I know who killed her," he says. The script? Lana's mouth hangs open in suspense.

Lair of Lex, in the hallway. Lex is walking down the hall with a burly-looking older gent. Lex says that the Edgecliff Condos are owned by LuthorCorp, but that he doesn't see the connection to his grandparents. The crusty, gravelly man says that before the condos and coffeehouses, that area was the worst part of Suicide Slum -- the high-rise stands on the site of the tenement where Lex's grandparents were snuffed out. Lex looks at the photo. Yep, that's a high-rise. Lex says the story must be true, then: they died in a fire. Crusty Guy -- who's had his nose broken a few times -- chuckles, because really, old people dying in fires are comedic gold. The guy says that what really happened was, an explosion took out two city blocks. The guy says he was a detective in that precinct. He was told to drop the case. The slum lords controlled City Hall, you could get a ballpark frank for a nickel, and this whole thing smells ta high heaven, I tells ya! Now that the guy has retired, he says it doesn't matter. It's not like somebody's going to come kill him. Not on this show, I mean...(BLAM!) Ack. ACK...They're killing him! He hands Lex a copy of the original report, which he was able to get even though he's retired. It's in a manila envelope. Lex speed-reads it. He looks at the crusty man gravely. There's a lot of crust to love there.

Smallville High hallway. There's a patriotic poster on the wall where a bald eagle is twice the size of the Statue of Liberty. Let's hope that eagle doesn't poop on her. Chloe tells Clark that she hates to burst Clark's bubble, but that Lachlan Luthor was in jail at the time of the murder. Chloe's wearing a small red top with lots of Chloeavage. Lana is layering her clothes to ill effect. Lana asks Clark for some info, because frankly, these weird hunches he's getting are a pain in everybody's ass. Especially mine. I've been sitting here for hours. "It's crazy," Clark says suddenly. Chloe says he passed "crazy" four random clues ago. Clark levels with them: ever since he read that newspaper article, he's been having memories from 1961. Well, that's not really the whole truth. Lana and Chloe squint at each other. Clark shrugs. "What?" Lana asks.

Lana and Chloe follow Clark into the Talon office. Chloe suggests reincarnation, past lives, even "genetic memory" -- by which we might store our ancestors' memories in our DNA -- as potential explanations. Clark thinks about that one. Chloe has Lachlan Luthor's record up on her computer screen. Remarkable that a small town in Kansas has all of its police records on computer, going back to 1961. Chloe looks at her screen and tells Clark that his hunches are eerily accurate. She found a jail sign-out for the criminal Luthor. Chloe says it's not police records: it's actually a police blotter from the Ledger she'd asked them to email, but it has a "Smallville Sheriff Department" logo on the top. It's from the day Louise was murdered. Lana notices that the guy was in jail only a few days for armed robbery. The person who released him was Billy Tate, who I totally forgot is also the Cigarette Smoking Mayor.

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