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Love Is A Many Squandered Thing

The bombed-out LuthorCorp boardroom. A bomb squad is there to... make sure the bomb went off all right? They have helpful "BOMB SQUAD" jackets on and are walking around doing nothing in particular. Watch out! Bomb squad going through! Back off! It's about to get BOMB in here! After they exit, Clark whooshes into the room. Lana whooshes in a second afterward. How are all the lights still working? Clark looks around and remarks that Oliver is lucky to be alive. Lana walks around Clark and points to where she thinks the bomb went off. She's basing that on nothing whatsoever. Clark suddenly groans and we hear the familiar whine of Kryptonite pain. He stumbles back, sweaty. Lana asks if he's all right. He says there's Kryptonite. Lana opens up a panel on a wall, tearing off the metal. She sees the glowing rock inside. It's one of the hollow metal balls, now broken. Inside it, there's some Kryptonite and a small microchip. Lana asks why they'd use meteor rock. Clark says it's not the first time it's been used to make a bomb more powerful. As Lana puts her finger near the microchip, the green part flashes and appears to make a lightning streak for her digit, as if she absorbed it. "Whoah, what was that?" she asks. Clark says he doesn't feel its presence anymore. Lana wonders if it reacted to having the chip moved. She hands Clark the little ball. The chip has a "Q" on it. "Queen Industries," Clark says. Lana says she thinks Oliver knows more than he's saying. Clark says it's a big company that makes thousands of chips a year. He asks why she thinks Ollie is responsible. Lana doesn't, but says he's covering something up. "Why would he hide anything from me?" Clark asks. Dude, because you're lame. Nobody tells you anything. Lana says he's done it before. She reveals that when she went to Cuba, Oliver showed up to try to kill Lex. Clark, surprised, asks why Lana didn't tell him about it. Lana thought she talked him down, but now thinks Oliver's still after Lex. Lana thinks they should show Oliver the chip and ask for an explanation. Clark disagrees. He doesn't trust Oliver anymore and doesn't want to pull him in any deeper. Clark plans to figure out whatever Oliver's hiding on his own.

Back at the Toymaker's lair. A bombed version of the LuthorCorp building is in front of us. He places The Daily Planet model next to it and says the game has begun. Ooh, good, I want to be the metal shoe! Toymaker looks at the LuthorCorp building's damage with disappointment. He says you can't count on a flawless execution with every plan. Or every TV season. He goes to the dummy and sits next to it. "Apparently, Miss Mercer wasn't in the room," he says, "and Oliver Queen survived." We zoom into the eyeball of the dummy. Toymaker promises to tie up any loose ends. "Mr. Luthor," he says. We zoom in further until we're in a whole different place. We see a bald man with one eye covered in gauze hooked up to large tubes. It's Lex Luthor, but it's very obviously not our Michael Rosenbaum Lex Luthor. And he doesn't even look all that banged up. Just a wound around the shoulder and the bad eye. He's got on an oxygen mask that looks like it was borrowed from the Hannibal Lector Mouthwear Collection. He breathes and watches Toymaker on a monitor. Toymaker holds up a remote and says it's time for their next move. He pushes the button and the newspaper model goes up in flames. We see it reflected on his tinted glasses as he laughs maniacally.

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