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Love Is A Many Squandered Thing

Commercials. Freaky ads with scary Cyclop people is no way to get me to buy your tax services, H&R Block.

A rare rear shot of Metropolis General hospital. It's daytime, overcast. Inside, Oliver has a flirty stare going as he sits up in bed. A very cute blonde nurse is taking his stats. She says his heart rate is a little higher than normal. Oliver makes a show out of leaning over to look at the monitor. He's sure the nurse has that effect on all her patients. She opens the blinds and says that with the pain meds he's getting, it's the only view he's getting tonight. She's the strongest-willed person on the show for resisting the advances of a millionaire as handsome as Oliver. She tells him to rest. Chloe is already in the door as she crosses paths with the nurse. She says Oliver seems to be making a speedy recovery. Oliver's not feeling too patient as a patient. Chloe guesses he didn't call her there to get spoon-fed chicken soup. No, that's what you should be doing for your husband, Jimmy. How's that injured guy doing, anyhow? You don't know? Ah. That's what I figured. Oliver says he wants Chloe to pull a name from his company's database. He fired an employee six years ago, an engineer named Winslow Schott. Chloe asks if he thinks that's the person behind the bomb. He is the bomb! He rules! Oliver says he hired the guy right out of M.I.T. to build explosives, from stuff to clear out tunnels to devices that could break up kidney stones. Chloe says that's impressive for someone who got fired. She asks what happened. Oliver says the high-pressure job got to the guy. He says Winslow started bringing toys to work (uh oh, I do that!). "Whatever, right?" Oliver says, then goes on to explain that those toys were getting implanted with explosives. Hey, I do that, too! I am so fired! Oliver says, quite lamely, that it was at that point he realized the guy was thinking too far outside the toy box. Groan... Chloe asks why Oliver isn't using Clark and Lana as his personal bomb squad. She offers to get Lana and Clark on the case if Oliver will give her 10 minutes to work with his satellites. She pulls out her phone and starts pushing buttons. Oliver says they can't tell Clark. Brooding music plays. Oliver says that the Toymaker could have gotten to him at any point, but the fact that he did it during his takeover of LuthorCorp makes him think Lex is really responsible and that Schott is working for him. Chloe thinks Oliver's not interested in the guy at all, he's just using him to find Lex. And, she adds, Oliver wants Clark to stay out of his way. Oliver says Clark would never agree to help get rid of Lex forever. Too much sexy. "You're talking about killing a man," Chloe says. Oliver says it's more like ending the reign of terror that he's been putting them all through lately. Chloe shakes her head. She doesn't think she can lie to Clark. Oliver asks if Chloe wants to protect Clark or tell him the truth. She can't multitask both? Oliver says that Lex is going after Clark and knows his secret. He commits a real dick move by asking Chloe if she could live with herself if something happened to Clark. How would it be Chloe's fault? Everyone needs to take a fucking chill pill and stop dumping their problems on her. She needs to get out of Dodge and just move to Star City permanently. Screw all these jerks. Chloe, of course, looks conflicted. This is where she should tell Oliver to go fuck himself and leave the room. I only wish.

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