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Love Is A Many Squandered Thing

Hospital. A man is carrying a big batch of balloons and a boxed gift as he walks out of an elevator. The cute nurse smiles and asks if she can help him. He moves the balloons and we see it's the Toymaker, still rocking those Wolverine sideburns. He says he's looking for Oliver for a package delivery. He smiles brightly. It almost works on me. I kinda like this guy!

Commercials. Supernatural is about strippers tonight. I have the feeling I got the much crappier show to recap this week.

Kent Farm, daytime. Lana, sitting at the kitchen table, is examining her old necklace, the one whose Kryptonite rock turned white. Clark whooshes to the back door, then enters. He's surprised she found it. Lana says that she's surprised Clark kept it after all the pain it caused him. He asks how he could throw away something that means so much. Clark puts the necklace around her neck. Clark remembers seeing it on her in high school and not being able to get within five feet of her without falling over. Lana notes that even after the spaceship got rid of the Kryptonite, something always stood in their way. Like maybe how she married someone else. That was something. "Not anymore," Clark says. He kneels next to her. "We're together now, Lana." He says he won't let anybody take that away from them. Wanna place bets now? Lana looks at Clark seriously. She says that she talked to Dr. Science about the Kryptonite they found in the boardroom. She says it didn't disappear because of the chip; it was because of Lana. You mean the way she sucks everything else out of a scene? Lana says she absorbed the Kryptonite. Lana says she's worried. She wonders if the suit, built by Lex, was a weapon and Clark was the target. Clark's brain loses a fuse. He says Lex isn't wearing the suit; Lana is. He says they'll figure it out, but they should focus on tracking down the bomber. She asks if he found anything. He shows Lana the phone and says Lana's hunch was right. It was a guy who used to work for Oliver. Clark looked up the address, but Schott wasn't living there anymore. Lana skims the file on the phone and sees that the guy was a very prolific inventor. He filed a lot of patents. Lana doesn't think the guy would have stopped inventing. Clark figured they might find his updated address at the patent office. Lana suggests that if the guy is working for Lex and if Lex is behind all this, he's working three moves ahead. Clark has no idea what she's talking about. Moves? Like dance moves? Lana says that Lex is more dangerous than ever now that he's got nothing to lose. Doesn't he have a company, a fortune and his own life still left to lose? Clark chews on that for a while.

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