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Laz 'R Us

Hospital, daytime. MamaKent and Clark walk out the front entrance with Bo, who's in a wheelchair. Bo tells the nurse that he can take it from here. He gets out of the chair. MamaKent carries a basket of yellow flowers. Bo walks a little unsteadily. Clark, in a red jacket, looks troubled. Bo asks what's wrong. Clark reveals that he found Lex at the lab talking to a scientist when he stole that vial. Clark thinks Papa Luthor is behind all this. I'm still trying to figure out why that vial didn't help Brotherman's brother. Bo is not surprised. Clark says that the vial reacted to the Kryptonite the same way his blood reacts. Clark thinks the serum was derived from his blood. Yeah, chew on that one, Bo. "If my blood can save lives, maybe I should come forward," says Clark. He wonders if his blood might somehow repair Bo's heart permanently. Bo crushes that dream. He tells Clark that he's going to save a lot of lives in this world. Lots. Clark says the only life he's interested in saving is Bo's. "You do. You save my life every day that you're with us," Bo tells him. He puts an arm around MamaKent. Bo says they wouldn't trade that for a single moment without Clark.'re not interested in helping others, Bo? I'm getting mixed signals here. Clark smiles and isn't at all confused.

The Talon, again. Lana is slinging coffee. Clark comes in. Lana asks how Bo is doing. Clark says you'd never know he had a triple bypass. Clark says that his mother bought the doctor a combat helmet as a thank-you gift. She did not! Clark tells Lana that he talked to Brotherman's uncle and had to explain what happened. We don't find out what happened to Deadbro. Clark only told the uncle that Brotherman is a good, desperate kid. Lana feels guilty for not saying something about Poor Man's Wes Bentley and his bleeding eyes sooner. None of this is Lana's fault, says Clark. Everything else? Her fault. Clark says he understands keeping secrets to protect people. Lana says that it was hard keeping it from everyone. She says she was relieved to tell Clark. Clark says that no matter where they stand, he's still her friend and can tell him everything. Fucking hypocrite. Lana says that goes both ways. Clark turns and leaves. Lana stops him. "What do you think was in that serum?" Lana asks. "I have no idea," Clark says, very forced. He walks out as teenybopper music plays. Lana looks after him, thinking, "Freakin' liar." For once, she's right.

Next week: I collapse in a heap from recapping too many episodes in a row. Also, Papa Luthor is up to no good. And Lana might get shot!

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