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Laz 'R Us

Just when I think we've escaped the hospital, they keep pulling me back in!. Brotherman is hovering by his brother's room. He sits on the bed. Apologizes. Deadbro assures Brotherman that the liver thing isn't his fault. Brotherman whines that if it wasn't for him, Deadbro could have had a better life. He could have gotten married and had kids of his own. Deadbro, who has patches of abrasions all over his face, says he wouldn't have done things any differently, "even if you are a runt." All right, enough with the "runt" already. We get it. Deadbro falls asleep. The doctor interrupts them. He takes Brotherman aside and tells him that there's not much else they can do at this point. He advises Brotherman to start saying goodbye. Plus, visiting hours are over for runts. Brotherman vows not to let his brother die. He yells it again for clarity, backs out, and walks out of the hospital. The doctor thinks, "I wonder who Willem Dafoe's agent is."

Another hospital room. I begin to contemplate drinking Dran-O. MamaKent tells Bo that the doctors are coming soon. He takes this moment to speculate on what might happen should he, you know, shuffle off this mortal Bo. Bo says that he's sure that Clark and MamaKent can take care of each other, but he reminds MamaKent about their promise to each other -- that when Clark is ready, they have to let him go. Teary, MamaKent says, "When that day comes, you'll be standing right beside me." Much choking up. They kiss. There's a knock at the door. Dr. Hibbert is ready, hoo hoo hoo.

The Torch offices. Chloe and Clark walk in. She offers to run with this investigation if Clark needs to be with his dad. Clark says that his parents know what he's doing. Chloe's wearing some sort of weird low-cut hooded purple top. Clark whines that he can't do anything for his dad. Chloe reassures him that things will be fine. Clark says that they need to figure out what brought Deadbro back to life. Maybe it was Red Bull! No, wait, that just gives you wings, not life. Chloe got an email from "D. Farrell," her contact at Metropolis hospital. He told her that the only bodies brought in the day before were both female. Uh oh, big surprise about Deadbro! He's Deadbra! Clark surmises that the helicopter must have taken Deadbro somewhere else. Chloe suggests talking to the "flyboy."

Flyboy Central. Clark approaches a pilot messing with a helicopter on the roof of the hospital. Eschewing niceties, Clark asks where the pilot took the body yesterday. The pilot -- who looks a little like Bruno Kirby -- plays dumb. Clark is insistent, and threatens to get the guy in trouble for not taking a body to the right place. Clark asks to be taken to where Deadbro was flown.

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