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Laz 'R Us

MamaKent is in the hallway, getting some coffee from a machine. Lana is waiting with her. Still dressed in pink. Lana reassures MamaKent. "Pete!" MamaKent exclaims, eager to have somebody besides Lana to keep her company. Line One: "I wasn't sure if you guys wanted your space, but at the end of the day I thought I should be here." MamaKent hugs him. Line Two: "Where's Clark?" MamaKent says he'll be right back. Pete turns and misses his third line. Someone down the hall is yelling. It's Brotherman, and he's yelling for the Craggy Doctor. He's holding something in his coat. The doctor rushes down the hall. "My brother needs a liver," Brotherman tells him. He opens up his coat to reveal...a Lazer Tag vest? No, it's explosives with glowing green sensors on it. "And now, you'll get him one!" Brotherman demands. MamaKent, still with her coffee, steps forward and tells Brotherman that this isn't going to solve anything. He tells her not to come any closer. Brotherman tells the doctor to make sure his brother gets that liver transplant. Lana and Pete exchange a useless look.

Outside. Sirens. A perimeter. Reporters! Clark shows up at the police line. Cops try to look busy. Clark goes under the police line and calls for the Sheriff. The Sheriff yells at Clark that she's a little busy with the logistics and the snipers and the homespun similes. Clark tells her that his dad is having surgery in there. Sheriff Cheshire takes time off from saving lives to fill Clark in on what's going on. Clark asks if the would-be bomber is Brotherman. Clark tells the Sheriff that Deadbro doesn't need a transplant, and that he has medicine that can cure him. Clark pulls out the clear-liquid vial. Cheshire asks where he got this wonder drug. It's a long story, lady. Clark says he knows the kid; he's just desperate. "Desperate equals dangerous in my book," Cheshire says. Read her new book, I Don't Have Time For This Crap, Mr. Kent, and Other Colorful Crime Colloquialisms, in bookstores now! Clark asks her to get Brotherman on the phone, at least.

Inside. Lana is staring at a coughing old lady. Pete Line Three: "We have a serious problem," he whispers to MamaKent. Really? Ya think? Oh. Pete says that Clark can't help them, since the bomb is laced with meteor rock. Pete says that Brotherman's family uses it in their demolition business. The family that Brotherman doesn't have? "More bang for their buck," Pete says bitterly. Did they blow your house up or something? Brotherman tries to look menacing carrying his vest bomb and timer. The doctors try to do nothing for Deadbro. MamaKent gets up and approaches Brotherman again. He tells her she's a nice lady and he doesn't want to hurt her. She asks him not to do this. "It's not what your brother would want," she says. Brotherman says his brother wanted a transplant and to see him graduate high school. He's going to make sure that all that happens, even if he has to get his diploma in jail. The phone rings. Brotherman answers. Clark tells him he got a vial of the lifestuff from the lab he tracked down. Brotherman asks why he should trust Clark. Because of their long-standing friendship of twenty-eight minutes! Brotherman invites Clark in. Cheshire, listening in on the call, says she won't allow that. She wants a deputy to take the medicine in. "It's Clark or no one!" Brotherman whines. Ah, Lex's personal mantra. Clark tells Brotherman that letting the hostages go is the only way they'll let Clark go in alone. Cheshire nods at this crazy kid's brilliant idea. Brotherman hangs up the phone. Decisions!

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