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Bully For Lex!

The Barnness of Epilogueitude. Clark is balin' hay. Oliver is sitting on the steps. He's asking about Duncan's astral body. He looks at Clark as he works, speaking of out-of-this-world bodies. Oliver things it was an electrical manifestation. Clark says it was fried by Oliver's arrow. Lucky he was working on it this week! Clark says that making mistakes and living with the consequences isn't easy. Oliver asks if Clark is speaking from experience. "More than I'd like," Clark says. Oliver says all you can do is hope you make the right choices in the future. Chloe, carrying a pink folder, appears, calling for Clark. She realizes he has company. Chloe introduces Oliver. Chloe cutely says, "Oh!" and says that she feels like she knows him because Lois talks about him all the time. Oliver says he was going to see Lois right now. He tells Clark it might be time for him to do some talking. He says he's looking forward to Chloe's article on Dark Thursday. Chloe looks to Clark. Oliver says he hopes his satellite images helped. Chloe plays it off and just says, "Yeah." Oliver says it was nice to meet her and takes off. Chloe is a little hot. She says in person Oliver is really "wow." She is warm for his form.

Clark interrupts Chloe's little fantasy and asks if she pulled anything off the satellites. Chloe says that found a few craters that match Clark's. Clark asks if she found the one in India. Chloe says it was just a hole, but she found another one in Australia. She shows Clark a photo of someone in a crater. She says she blew it up and that it's not clear, but...Clark examines it. He looks at an image we don't get to see. Squints. "What is it?" Chloe asks. Extreme close-up on Clark. "Raya," he says. Yay! I liked that Raya. Blackout.

Next week: Raya's back! Also, trouble in Lex and Lana's paradise.

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