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Bully For Lex!

As they're walking, Lex suddenly stops short, putting his hand on Duncan's chest (hey, watch it with that hand, Costanza) and goes, "Oh, shhhh!" They see Ollie and his two pals come out of a classroom door, thrilled to have acquired what can only be a super-secret answer key to an upcoming test. One that a teacher just left lying around. They say things like, "This is too cool" and, "Nobody saw us!" Guys, keep the interior monologue interior when you're breaking the rules. Lex and Duncan, who were hiding in a nearby room as the goons passed, come back out. Lex says that they're stealing answers to the midterms. Ya think? Quick blackout and back to the present.

Lex continues staring at the bloody badge. These are not good memories for m'boy.

Kent farm at night. Oh, my God, we're roasting! Oven's-eye view of MamaKent opening the door and looking in to see a very fatty-looking pot roast. Nice red bakeware, though. She pulls out the roast and puts it aside as Chloe, standing behind her in a fetching white shirt, tells MamaKent that she doesn't have to go to all this trouble. MamaKent says that Chloe can't live on coffee three meals a day. Chloe says she sometimes sneaks in a blueberry muffin into her diet. "What, that has a food group in it!" Chloe tries. Clark is standing nearby tossing a salad. I've never noticed it before, but Clark really seems to have a talent and affinity for tossing salad. I bet when he leaves the farm and goes off on his own, he'll be tossing salad all the time as he lives his bachelor life. He's going to be the most popular guy in Metropolis with those salad-tossing skills. Clark tells Chloe, "Barely!" and this is all very cozy with Clark, Chloe and MamaKent hanging out.

Clark asks Chloe whether she has found anything new, but he isn't very specific. It's all right; Chloe speaks Dumb Alien. She says there've been mysterious occurrences all over the world. She pulls out a red folder and hands it to Clark, saying, "It's like the Wall of Weird went global." Yekshimash! Chloe says the worst attack was on a small village in the Kashmir region of India. Apparently, a Led Zeppelin song tore the place apart. She says the entire village was nearly destroyed. Clark has lost his appetite for salad tossing. He reads from the folder and says that the villagers saw something fall from the sky the night before. It was an old UPN satellite. Clark says that night was the same night he escaped from the Phantom Zone. MamaKent comes to the table where Clark and Chloe are sitting and asks if he thinks something else escaped. "Like that park ranger," Chloe says. Chloe suggests that she and Clark go to the Fortress to see if Jarnelle can help track down the "Zoners." Yeah, I tried to hang out with the Zoners in high school, but they were so fake, man. Chloe has got some big hair issues this week. She has Soccer Mom Hair. "Zoners?" Clark asks. Chloe says that "escaped super criminals from the Phantom Zone" is a bit of a mouthful. So's Clark. Clark says the Fortress is dead and that there's no way to contact Jarnelle. Clark mutters that he should have listened to his dad. Chloe asks what he would have done; would he have killed Lex to get Zod out of his body? "You're not a murderer, Clark," MamaKent says reassuringly. I beg to differ, but whatever. Clark says that the people in that Indian village might have died because of his actions and adds that he needs to know for sure. Well, why don't you run your ass to India and go see? Chloe says they need to find more crater impacts like the one Clark made when he came back from the Zone. She says their best bet would be to find satellite images. MamaKent says all the satellites were down on Dark Thursday. Chloe says that a few owned by Queen Industries were still operational. If she can get access codes to the satellites, she might be able to see what came down before the village attack. "Oliver Queen still owes me one," Clark says. Chloe doesn't think to ask why that would be. Clark says that it's time to collect.

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