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Bully For Lex!

We're back in the school yard, where Young Lex is whalin' on poor Duncan. Finally, Oliver and his buds try to stop him, saying that's enough. Where are all the teachers up in this mug? Young Lex has to be pulled off, screaming. Duncan, his face completely broken, lifts his hands, shaking. "Dude. Psycho much?" Geoffrey asks Young Lex. All right, finally a good line of dialogue. Oliver, holding Lex by the waist, tells him there's something seriously wrong with him. Young Lex has the ripped-off badge in his hand. He balls it in his fist. Duncan, whimpering, gets to his feet. He glances at Young Lex, but walks away. Lex holds a hand out, but Duncan bats it away and cries, "Get away from me!" He walks backward out of the courtyard. "You want to be one of them so badly, Lex? Is that it? You can't stand being a loser like me?" He continues to back away. "Well congratulations, buddy, now you're their friends." And here it comes, the one that gets me every time, from The Crying Game to Mean Girls to Scary Movie to any other time it happens in a program. Duncan gets hit by a car just as he's saying, "And you can all go to --" Bam! Sideswipe. Gets me every time. "Duncan!" Oliver screams. Everybody rushes forward. Duncan lies in the street, his body twisted. And Stephen King is lying next to him! Oliver looks like he'll cry.

Flashback to the present. Oliver says that Duncan died of massive brain injuries. Clark asks if there's anything else. What, that story wasn't enough? Oliver, wearing a casual black shirt and jeans, turns and tells Clark that there's the denouement. The deno-what? Is that like "decoupage"? Oliver says that Papa Luthor swept in with the best doctors to try to save Duncan. At the time, Oliver adds, he was grateful, but now he sees it as a way to cover up what happened and save the Luthor name. Oliver says that Papa Luthor got the story of what happened from Lex and that since Duncan's family couldn't afford treatment, Papa Luthor paid for the whole thing as long as everyone kept quiet. "Not that it mattered," Oliver says, "Duncan died two days later." Clark says it was just an accident. "No," Oliver says morosely. He says he told himself that lie for years. But now he thinks that they all might as well have pushed Duncan out in front of that car. "We all killed Duncan Allenmeyer," Oliver says. Oliver has to sit down. Clark blinks. Clark asks about Duncan's family. He wonders whether a family member might be looking for revenge. Oliver says that Duncan's mother was the only relative he could find and that she died a month ago. Clark thinks there must be someone else. Oliver says that Papa Luthor was the only person who was close with Duncan's family. Shall we? I think we shall visit Papa Luthor and it shall be absolutely magnificent!

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