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Bully For Lex!

LuthorCorp. Papa Luthor is at his desk looking at what appear to be photos of Kryptonian crop circles. Clark walks into his office and he's careful to close his book before Clark can see it. He says that he was on his way to Pastis for lunch and invites Clark to join him. Fancy feast! Clark says it's not a social call. Papa says that's a pity because the owner's wife makes a Soufflé au Fromage that he says is, "out of this world." Clark wonders if it has much corn in it. Clark subtly changes the subject: "Duncan Allenmeyer," he blurts out. Papa's mood darkens. He asks how Clark knows that name. Clark replies that Oliver filled him in (dirty!). "Ah yes, the Queen boy," Papa says, hilariously. He says that Oliver knows better than to dig up old skeletons. Clark mutters something about someone else having a shovel in his hand. It's a grave situation. Clark thinks someone close to Duncan is trying to get his revenge on. Papa says Lex was the only one close to Duncan, and that except for his mother, Duncan had no family. Papa Luthor looks a little choked up. Clark asks what Papa Luthor's holding back. "Two people are already dead," Clark threatens, "do you want to add Lex to the body count?" "Now, please, tell me." Now you could argue that what happens next shows Papa Luthor really does care about Lex, or if you're cynical, you could say this is one more way that he's trying to ingratiate himself to Clark. But given what it shows about Papa Luthor, I think it's the former. Papa Luthor surely doesn't want Clark to see him as a mad scientist and I'd venture that his decision to reveal the next piece of information is more about Lex than it is about Clark. Papa says it was a tragedy what happened to Duncan and that he tried to help. He says he's continued to do that for the last ten years. "Duncan's still alive?" Clark asks. Papa says he's kept the boy alive, but that he's in a persistent vegetative state. Hopefully not Florida. Clark asks why he let everyone believe Duncan was dead. Papa takes a long time answering. "Clark," he says, choked up, "I didn't want Lex to be crippled by his mistakes." He says he paid off the mother for her silence. He says he agreed to fund a research program that was dedicated to finding a way to reverse his brain damage. Clark asks whether it's still going on. Papa says the best research minds in the world have tried. "What if one of them worked?" Clark asks. Papa looks at Clark in surprise.

A nondescript institutional-looking building. We stay close to the floor, zooming down a dark hallway of what looks like a medical center. We see a nurse unlock a door and pull a cart into a dark room. Inside, a large needle with glowing green liquid. They're using Glo-Stick technology! Noooooo! Adult Duncan sits in a chair, staring off into space. He's in a hospital gown and hooked up to an IV. The nurse injects the green liquid into his bag. "It's time for your treatment, Duncan," she says. The liquid goes into the IV. Close-up of Duncan's left eye. A tiny green dot appears in the pupil.

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