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The Breastplate and the Bad Cop

The Big House. Bo Duke emerges, wearing jail orange. He looks shaken. Anal prison rape will do that to you. He and Clark do the prison-window- phone-conversation thing. Smallville has an awfully nice jail for being such a small town. Clark reveals that he lied to Bo Duke about where he was that other night. Bo looks peeved. And not just about the anal rape. Clark says he was just trying to protect his parents. "You cannot protect your mother and I by lying to us," Bo snarls. I liked it better when he was just a good 'ol boy, never meanin' no harm. Quiet moment. Clark says that after Bo was arrested and MeanCop came around, Clark got so angry, he wanted to kill the guy. And he almost did. Bo looks horrified. "But you didn't, right?" Bo says. Is he gonna cry again? Bo puts a fist against the glass. Clark puts his fist opposite Bo's. Bo does his platitude remix, saying that Clark can't play MeanCop's game. Bo tells Clark that once you kill someone, once you cross that line, you can never go back. It's like prison love.

The Beanery, which must be Lex's main hangout. Shouldn't he be home getting Breasty with it? Lex spots Clark walking along outside. "My man!" he thinks, getting up and rushing outside. Clark doesn't seem very happy to see him. Lex offers to get Clark the ten best lawyers in the state. Weren't the powerful, feared Kansas Ten Lawyers the ones who got O.J. off? Clark says he doesn't think lawyers will help. Lex guesses, correctly, that MeanCop is involved. "What's he got on you, Clark?" Lex asks. Clark gets mad and tells Lex just to stay out of it. Clark starts to walk past, but Lex stops him. He says that Clark may think he knows MeanCop, but MeanCop is not knowable. Or words to that effect. "Sounds like you're an expert," Clark says, and it sounds bitchy and whiny. Lex says he understands MeanCop's world. Lex is like the guy that Gladys Knight sings about in "Midnight Train to Georgia." Clark says that MeanCop told him Lex has secrets. What's the big deal? Doesn't everyone? Lex says there are parts of his life he's not proud of. Like Boobs McChesty at home. But he doesn't want Clark or his family hurt. "Now let me help," he says. "You can't, Lex," Clark whines. "I've got to handle this on my own." Clark storms off. Lex looks like he's going to cry just like Bo Duke. And do I detect a little anger there, too?

Nighttime. Clark is meditating in the barn. MeanCop walks right in. (Why doesn't Clark put a lock on the barn door?) MeanCop tells Clark he needs something. And not in a dirty way. MeanCop says it's a complicated thing he wants. His eyes bulge a little. Clark says he doesn't care if the whole world knows his secret. MeanCop brings in Clark's parents and his dad's situation. MeanCop is just ExtortionCop, but meaner. "So what's it gonna be?" MeanCop asks.

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