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Supermen: Two for the Price Of One

Kent Farm dinner table. Things aren't going well. Bo Duke thinks the Dr. Swann thing is suspicious. He's not even sure Clark can really read the language. Bo says they have no idea what the cave did to Clark. If it was when Lex was around, I think the cave made Clark a man. Clark asks MamaKent for some backup. She agrees with Bo and says they don't know anything about Dr. Swann except that he's supposed to be some sort of special stuntcasting guest star. Bo says it could be a set-up. Clark says he's being paranoid. Clark says that maybe the guy is just trying to help. Bo doesn't buy that bull-crap. Bo says all he's ever seen are people who want to exploit Clark for their own gain. Clark says that Bo can't protect him forever. "I'm not ready to give that up yet!" Bo yells. Bo's really good in this episode! MamaKent tries to reassure Clark that they're not trying to keep him from learning his past. But they don't want him to get hurt. Clark says he's got questions and he can't leave them in the storm cellar. "Why did my parents have to send me away?" Clark asks. "What was so bad that they had to send me away?" Bo just doesn't know. MamaKent's about to cry. Clark says he has to do this. Bo suggests they go together, as a family. Clark looks down. He says he has to go alone. Why? Clark says it's the only way. Again, why? Bo is red-nosed. MamaKent stands and holds Clark's hand. Clark says that whatever he finds out won't change the way he feels about them. He says they'll still be his mom and dad. But it would be nice if they could develop some superpowers of their own. I mean, damn, this farm chore shit's getting old. Clark hugs MamaKent. Bo gets a lump in his throat and joins in. Emotional music.

New York! We get a quick bird's-eye view of the skyline, and then we're suddenly in some dim lab It looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie. Clark walks in. There's all kinds of glass spheres and funky globes. Clark calls for Dr. Swann. As Clark's about to walk out, we hear a voice: "Looking for answers, I assume." Clark walks over a desk is Christopher Reeve! He's wearing a dark sweater and glasses. Y'all, you just don't know. When I was, like, four and saw the Superman movie, I used to run around the living room in Underoos and a towel held around my neck with a clothespin. Christopher Reeve! "Hello, Clark. I've been expecting you," Swann says. Swann explains that he works out of the back of the planetarium because it's peaceful. If he's a billionaire, couldn't he build a planetarium at home? "Besides. I own the building," he adds. Oh. My bad. "Activate screen," he says. A bunch of alien symbols scroll across in both directions of a flat widescreen display. Mmmm, flat widescreen. It gets to where my salivary glands are activated by that sequence of words. Swann asks if any of that looks familiar. "What is it?" Clark asks. Swann says it's a message from the stars. Swann says he's always looked up there wondering if anyone was out there. Thirteen years ago, he says, he got an answer. "The day of the meteor shower," Clark says. Swann says that one of his receivers picked up a faint signal. It took years to decrypt it, he says. He discovered a mathematical key built into the transmission. Close-up of Clark. Man, they really laid on the pancake makeup this week. "Can you read it?" Clark asks. Swann says, "This is Kal-El of Krypton. Our infant son, our last hope...Please protect him and deliver him from evil." Clark leans in to the screen and stares at the words. "Kal-El...Krypton," Clark says. If there's an El, maybe he's Hispanic right? ¡Horale! Swann says he wondered what happened to that child and whether he survived the journey. Three days ago, he saw the symbol from the barn. He found out the barn's owners had an adopted son. And unlike everyone else, Swann wasn't going to sit back and wait for more clues. (Paging Mr. Lex.) "You think I'm Kal-El?" Clark asks, "I'm just Clark Kent." Swann says he's not trying to expose Clark. He's just seeking the truth. Man, C.R. is the MAN! Clark says he's sorry, but he's not who Swann thinks he is. Swann says that if Clark can live with that, so can he, but if Clark walks out that door, it will never be open to him again. That's how you get to be a billionaire! Clark hesitates, and then turns back. Swann teases Clark with "the second part of the message." Just then, we hear the familiar strains of music from the first Superman movie. Yay! It hits a crescendo and we go to commercial.

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