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Supermen: Two for the Price Of One

Mmm, stripper Gabrielle Union. I can't see how a movie with that can be all bad.

Back at Swann's Planetarium, Clark asks why Swann is doing this to him. "We all have our windmills, Clark," Swann says. "I need to know I'm right." He says that once he knows, it'll never leave the room. That's a pretty big room, though, if there's a dome involved. Clark studies Swann seriously. "Show me," he says, finally. Swann says, "Second screen," and new letters appear. "We will be with you, Kal-El," Clark reads, "for all the days of your life." Clark asks what that means. Swann says he's not sure, adding, "The one thing I've learned about science is the value of patience." Ooh. Nice subtext there. Clark sees a set of marks on a star map. He asks whether that's where Krypton is. "No, that's where Krypton was," Swann tells him. He says he follows the signal back to its origin, and the planet's no longer there. Clark says that planets don't just disappear. He asks what might have happened. "War, famine, disease," Swann speculates. Famine blew up a planet? "I mean, look at the world around us," he says. Clark says that he can't be the only one, and that there must be others like him. Wouldn't it be great if Swann gave him the address for Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters? Swann says there was only one message. Clark looks crestfallen. "Why me?" Clark asks. He says there must be a reason he was sent to Earth. Swann says he won't find the answers by looking to the stars. "It's a journey you'll have to take by looking inside yourself. You must write your destiny. Kal-El." Last long shot of Christopher Reeve. He rocks!

Flyover of Kent Farm. Clark is in the storm cellar. Bo walks in behind him. Moody music. Clark isn't happy. Bo says that whatever Clark was told must be overwhelming, but if Clark needs to talk about it, he and MamaKent are there. Bo's about to leave, but Clark stops him. He says he's always wondered if there were others like him. Now, he says, he knows there are none. "I'm totally alone," he mopes. Bo comes over and tells him, "You're never alone, son. This is your home and we love you very much." Much emphasis on "very much." Bo tries to get Clark to come with him. "In a minute," Clark says. Bo's about to leave again. Clark pulls out a rectangular plastic-looking piece of something. He says he figured out what it is. "It's the ship's heart," he says. Bo's agog. They look at it. "Have you used it yet?" Bo asks. Clark says he didn't want to do it alone. "Let's do it together," Bo says. Shouldn't they go get MamaKent too?

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