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Supermen: Two for the Price Of One

Let me see if this makes any sense: I hated Dreamcatcher, the book. I think it was maybe the worst book Stephen King has ever written. But I think it's going to make a great movie. Hope I'm right about that.

The next morning, Clark walks in through the front door, barefoot and with his hair a little mussed. It was the middle of the night when Lex picked him up. And now it's morning. Methinks they spent a little time wearing out the shocks on that European automobile. Clark tries to come in sneakily, but MamaKent and Bo are right there waiting for him. Bo asks where he's been. MamaKent says they've been looking all over for him. "I've been out," Clark says. No, Clark. Coming out is a long, involved process. You can't expect them just to guess. Bo asks what's going on. He says that Clark's been acting weird all week, like his mind is somewhere else. It's The Crack Rock, Bo. The Crack Rock is not kind. It destroys. Clark reluctantly turns. He tells them he woke up in the middle of Route 8. "How did you get there?" MamaKent asks. Well, you have to take the first exit after the pond. Then you pass by where the creamed corn factory used to be. Then you do a little CGI flying over some cornfields, bypass LuthorCorp, and you can't miss it. Clark says Lex gave him a ride home. "Lex," Bo says flatly. I thought he and Lex were Kool & The Gang now after Lex's little farmboy stint. Clark says he told Lex he was sleepwalking, but he's not sure how much "walking" was involved. MamaKent purses her lips. Bo squints a question at Clark. Clark says he's been dreaming all week of flying over Smallville. In the dreams, he always ends up in the cave. "Like it's calling out to me," he says. He thinks it's trying to give him answers, but he's not sure to what. He says that in the dream, he takes the key and puts it in the slot in the cave wall. Does this remind anybody else about a really dirty joke involving a farmer's daughter? Clark says then there's a bright light. "And?" MamaKent asks. That's when he wakes up. "Dreaming about putting that key in a rock wall is one thing," Bo begins, "but making a porno of it and distributing it all over the internet is something else." Fine, I made the last part up. But you were thinking it too, I'm sure. Bo says that Clark doesn't know what would happen if he actually did the key thing. Clark says that the dreams are getting more intense. He wonders where he might wake up the next morning. Well, Lex's bed. Duh! Bo says it's too dangerous. Clark gets pissy. He asks why Bo is so afraid of him finding the truth about himself. Bo has no answer to that, so Clark goes to get dressed for school. Bo looks at MamaKent sadly.

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