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Supermen: Two for the Price Of One

The Barnness of Migraineitude. Clark is still buzzing, and not in the good way. This episode should have been sponsored by Advil. The whining is becoming more electronic-sounding. Clark desperately looks around the barn as if it might be caused by a hoe or something. He keeps looking and eventually does track down the source of all this pain in a toolbox in a low cabinet. He opens the toolbox, and it glows from within. I think this toolbox belongs to Marsellus Wallace. Clark moves a bunch of fishing lure crap, and beneath it is the octagon ship piece, glowing orange around the edges and on its symbols. Clark picks up the piece and it stops glowing. It also stops whining. Clark grips the piece tightly in his hand. Destiny!

Da cave! Clark is facing the circular collection of symbols and holding the ship piece. Unlike the dream, though, Clark isn't floating. Slowly, Clark moves forward with the piece in both hands. Carefully, and with much trepidation, he examines the symbols on the piece. He looks at the cave wall. The piece flies right the fuck out of Clark's hands and slams right into its place in the wall. Clark looks around, as if expecting Lex to come say, "Oh, am I interrupting?" Back on the wall, the octagon piece's symbols have lit up in red, yellow, and blue. The symbols on the cave wall around it begin to emit light. The symbols begin to rotate as the light illuminates Clark's face. Everything on the wall goes white and glowy, and the beams front-light Clark. As Clark stares at it, the octagon piece opens up in the shape of the classic Superman crest. Clark smiles and stares at it in wonder. As he reaches toward the symbol, a flash of light explodes out, and what looks like a beam of electricity or some sort of electric eel-looking broadband internet connection pierces through Clark's chest. He extends his arms out in a Shawshank Redemption pose as we watch him from overhead. We zoom in on Clark's "O" mouth. He's electrifying! The conduit continues to run thorough Clark as he glows. We pull back and see he's been lifted off the ground. The energy continues to course through him. Clark's face tenses as if he's having a seizure. Everything goes completely white.

The next thing we see is Clark lying down. This time, instead of a road, he's lying on the floor of the cave. He's shaken awake. Well, looky looky here. It's Lex. Lex asks if Clark is all right. Clark asks what happened. Lex was wondering the same thing. He asks Clark what he was doing down in the cave. What was Lex doing down in the cave? Clark looks up at the circle of symbols on the wall. The octagon piece is missing. Lex follows Clark's gaze. Clark says he was finishing up some work for Professor Snideface while it was quiet. Clark says the next thing he knew, he was being woken up. Lex says that a guard told him there was an explosion. He asks if Clark was messing with any equipment. We hear a voice off-camera say it's interesting that Clark got past the guard in the first place. Well, if it isn't Snideface! My snide-iest enemy! "What's your secret, Mr. Kent?" he asks. Lex tells him to back off. Clark says he has to go get some air. Lex stops him. He says that first he found Clark lying in the middle of the road, and now there in the cave. Lex is used to seeing Clark go to sleep, not having to wake him up. Clark says he's fine, and that he has to get home before his parents start to worry. One day, Lex, we won't have to worry about parents and curfews! Lex nods reluctantly. He says he doesn't want Clark down in the cave alone until they figure out what's up. After Clark leaves, Snideface says that Clark knows more than he's telling. "Probably," Lex says, "but you've got enough on your plate, Doctor." That's right. Lex doesn't want to share his dessert.

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