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Rube Goldberg's Deus Ex Machina

Later that day, Oliver is in his LuthorCorp office when Lois barges in carrying a shopping bag. She looks pissed. Oliver says he's seen that look before: "Usually right before you sock me in the jaw." These two are such awesome friends. Lois says it's tempting, but then he wouldn't able to answer her questions. "Like, who the hell was that dragon lady?" Oliver dismisses her as a "psycho ex-girlfriend who'd seen Fatal Attraction too many times." Lois wonders if that makes her the bunny. Oliver chuckles. Lois seems to buy the explanation, because she tells him he needs to try dating saner chicks. They flirt a bit about how Lois looked in the red satin dress. He apologizes for getting her into his mess. Lois, growing serious, wonders if the mess was so bad that it was easier for him to throw it away rather than clean it up. He feigns confusion, but she tells him she saw the video. "Why didn't you come talk to me?" He shakes his head. "Pride?" he offers. Also: "Fear. Regret..." He says he'd been fighting the war so long, he just wanted it to be over. Lois has tears in her eyes as she wonders aloud whether he felt like nothing was worth fighting for. He shakes his head, but admits he never felt that way when they were together. Well, that's because that was before you were an awful, awful murderer, silly! Lois glances away and Oliver stumbles over himself to get past the awkward moment. "I--I mean I just lost sight of what was good in my life." He says he knows things between them have changed, but Lois says some things haven't. "Ollie, I will always be here for you. And if you forget that again, I will knock you out." He breathes out with a laugh and she smiles back at him. She gets around to their belated birthday celebration and reaches into her back for a couple of beers. She gives him one, which... seems like kind of a bad thing to give to someone who's been coming across like an addict lately. Whatever. They smile some more at each other.

Watchtower, night. Chloe walks in to find Clark at one of her computers, studying a close-up of the assassin from the Ace of Clubs video. Chloe asks if Jor-El knew anything about her. Clark confirms that Jor-El recognized her: "Turns out the symbol tattooed on her shoulder is a family crest." Her name is Alia, he says, and she's Kandorian. Chloe is confused because she thought Kandor exploded with the rest of Krypton. Clark thought so, too. Jor-El thinks if there are others, they will have left symbols to "mark their arrival." Chloe immediately gets to work digging through satellite images. While the computer plugs away, Chloe cheerfully informs Clark that Oliver is back. Clark wonders what happened. Chloe lies that the scam artist must have "really done a number on him." She smiles and adds, "Or maybe he just needed to get some perspective." Clark narrows his eyes. Chloe starts to look a little nervous, but the computer has pulled up the search results, grabbing their attention. A cool 3-D image of the Earth forms in mid-air, showing the Kryptonian symbols all over the planet. "Alia definitely didn't come alone," Chloe murmurs. Clark looks scared.

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