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Rube Goldberg's Deus Ex Machina

Almost instantly, he starts feeling woozy. The voices of other gamblers sound tinny and distant. He sways on his feet as the woman leads him through the game room. A moment later, he stumbles, alone, though a door and into a grungy alley. The logo on the door has a dragon much like the woman's tattoo. There's also a poster on the inside of the door that says "Live Rock Every Thursday" and there's a picture of a woman in fishnets who looks like Dinah, aka the Black Canary. She's wailing into a microphone. Oliver's world spins and spins. He drops to the street and lands facedown in a puddle. The woman in red walks up to him, another tattoo on her thigh visible through the slit of her skirt. He looks up to see her smiling, but her face goes out of focus as Oliver loses consciousness. He wakes some time later with a sputtering cough, lying in a dark, confined space. He starts to panic when he realizes he's closed in. He bangs on wooden walls just inches from his face. He feels around and finds a flashlight next to his leg. He turns it on and shines the light at his surroundings. The words "GAME ON" are painted in red letters on the wall above him. He looks freaked. Somebody save him!

Kent farm at night. Clark superzips into the house wearing his Emo Blur outfit, despite Chloe warning him just recently about not doing that because Lois might see him. And, just as Chloe warned the Super Doofus, Lois is waiting for him inside. Lucky for Clark, he notices Lois before she has a chance to see him, so he superzips back out and reenters a split second later in just his gray T-shirt and jeans. Lois sees him for the first time and thinks it's about time he got home: "Shelby's great and all, but the conversation is a little one-sided." Sadly, Shelby appears only in name in this episode. Clark snarks that Lois should be out riding a mechanical bull somewhere, since it's Friday night and all. Naw, she doesn't ride the mechanical bulls -- she just berates them into submission. Lois, who has been sorting through many piles of laundry, informs Clark it's movie night. "I hope you like sharks!" she says too cheerfully. Clark tries to get her to pay attention to all her laundry instead of watching movies. She scoffs. "It's called multi-tasking, Clark, you should try it some time!" You know how Lois is going to find out he's a superhero in this version of the story? She's going to snark at him for the millionth time and he's just going to snap. He'll be like, "Multi-task? Multi-task?! Woman, I just saved a bus full of nuns, burned an S into the sidewalk, and got my eyebrows done! Don't talk to me about multi-tasking!" Clark, seeing all the laundry, wonders how Lois even has anything left to wear. Lois flirts: "Most guys wouldn't complain if I suddenly found myself shirtless." Clark rolls his eyes a little and Lois realizes she's missed the mark this time. She blinks rapidly a few times and brushes past him with a basket of clothes. Clark goes over to the couch and impatiently sweeps aside a stack of laundry. A lacy red bra that looks too small to be Lois's gets tangled in his fingers. I bet it belongs to Tess. Clark stares at it with a surprising lack of boobular appreciation. Lois snatches it away from him then pushes him into the couch. "What else could you possibly have to do tonight?" He smiles nervously. When Lois goes to sort through their movie options, Clark's superhearing picks up a woman screaming for help somewhere. Clark pretends he's going to get them some popcorn and then superzips away behind her back. Fool, you're lucky she's got the powers of observation God gave a turnip.

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