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Rube Goldberg's Deus Ex Machina

They stare at each other until a gunshot rings out, shattering the glass partition beside them. Victoria gasps: "They found us!" It's not like it was hard to do! She and Oliver run. More shots. They run some more. One of the bullets hits Victoria. She grabs her side and starts to fall. Oliver eases her to the street. He says her name and begs her to look at him. "Let me go," she whispers, with blood at the corner of her mouth. She says death is the only way she can be free. He pleads with her to hold on, but her eyes go glassy. A police car screeches to a stop beside them and two cops bolt out, weapons raised. They order Oliver to his feet. He stands slowly, covered in blood, and shouts that they've got the wrong guy. When he takes a step forward, one of the cops tasers him. Oliver drops to his knees and then faceplants onto the street. I just noticed his feet are bare and dirty, so, like, whoever put him in a new suit didn't see fit to also give him shoes. Ha!

Meanwhile, at Oliver's LuthorCorp office, Lois is just barging through the doors with Clark in tow. "Pants on, birthday boy! The party train's arrived." Clark seems embarrassed as he points out that people would prefer a knock to her "pants on" greeting. Clark exposits that they've already checked Oliver's jet and apartment. Then he notices an invitation to the Roulette club lying on Oliver's desk. Clark says the party train's already left, but smirky Lois thinks it's doubtful it would have left without her. She sits down at his desk and starts tappity-tapping at Oliver's laptop. Somehow, she knows his username and password and comes across the security footage from the Ace of Clubs meeting last week. The footage shows Oliver standing at the podium while the guests file out of the room. Lois wonders why Oliver would be "reliving the night someone tried to Hindenburg him." Oy, this dialogue. Clark tries to close the laptop, but Lois slaps away his hand. As Lois watches, she realizes Oliver didn't know the bomb was defused before he stepped off the plate. "Oliver tried to kill himself," she whispers. Clark tries again to close the laptop, but not before Lois sees Clark on the video, walking up to Oliver. She realizes this means Clark knew about the suicide attempt. Teary-eyed, she asks Clark how he could keep such a serious thing from her. Because it's not his business to tell you, Nosy. Clark says he was trying to protect him, but Lois angrily asks, "From who? His friends?" Clark says he didn't think Oliver would have wanted anyone to know. "Well, I'm not just anyone," Lois says. She gets on his case for lying to her face. Wouldn't it be nice for once if people on this show got mad at other people for the right reasons? Clark watches with a frown as Lois storms out, then picks up the Roulette invitation. He stares at it hard, willing an idea to form in his brain.

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