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A Flashy Guy

The Barnness of Big Brother-tude. Clark tears a blank sheet of paper out of a notebook. Whooshy Li'l Flash materializes: "Dude! Lex's place was sweet!" Li'l Flash comments that the guy has tons of cars and cool stuff. He says there's no way you can get that rich playing it straight. Preach it. Lex has never really played it straight. Li'l Flash promises to step it up a notch, because that's how he wants to live. Large. And in charge. Clark says that he has to go take care of something. Flash asks if he can come. Clark says that it's personal, but that they can hang out later. Flash suggests a midnight showing of Speed at Mann's Chinese, where they have the best popcorn. Clark says that's cool, but not to mention it to Bo Duke. Flash stops Clark for a second. He says, sincerely, that it's been cool hanging out with Clark. This kid obviously doesn't know cool from culo. He says he got Clark something to thank him for everything. It's an MP3 player. He says that Clark can download tunes and listen to them wherever they go. It's not exactly a great travel gift when you can get anywhere in three seconds and the player can't speed up that fast. Clark smiles, then asks where Li'l Flash got it. I wonder if it runs on Li'l Flash Memory. Flash says it doesn't matter. Clark says it does; he asks if the kid has listened to a word he's said. Flash rants that Clark treats his abilities like a curse: "They're a gift! I'm gonna use them!" Clark says he should, but to help people, not hurt them. Li'l Flash asks whom he's hurting. The stores? Insurance companies? This kid's starting to make a lot of sense. Clark lectures: "That doesn't make it right." Li'l Flash starts to leave. Clark bullies him, asking if he's just going to run away from his problems again. Isn't that Clark's usual plan? Li'l Flash says he's running toward something, and that he's going to get everything he wants. He says he thought he was similar to Clark, but it turns out they're nothing alike. He zips away, leaving a red and yellow streak. That probably could have gone better, Clark.

Lex's manuscript room. Clark zips onto the scene. He bends over, as if awaiting someone, and leans down to read the map. As he does so, very slowly and in full view of security cameras, an orange streak enters the room, zips in front of Clark, and steals the page. Alarms and flashing lights go off. The camera spins around the room. "Bart," Clark grumbles. Lex, fully clothed, and a security guard with a gun come in. Lex asks what the hell Clark is doing there. Clark doesn't answer. Kick his ass, Lex! Make him pay you back in vodka!

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