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A Flashy Guy

Metropolis slums. Criminal X is talking on the phone to someone, telling him or her that he can handle whatever they're talking about in whatever manner they'd like. And it's his pleasure. Such a gentlemanly businessman! Criminal X leaves his little wire-cage office and greets Li'l Flash, who's been waiting for him impatiently. Criminal X suggests that someday Flash may grown and learn how men do business. With a heavy criminal accent. Flash takes the rolled-up scroll from his backpack. "Is this grown-up enough for you?" he asks. Yeah, taking the stolen goods out of our backpack is super-grown-up. "It's a start," Criminal X says.

Just then, an expensive-looking SUV (an Escalade?) pulls up near the entrance. Li'l Flash turns, and Criminal XY, the thuggier of the two, cracks Li'l Flash across the back of the neck. Li'l Flash falls. Emerging from the plastic-curtain entrance is Lex Luthor in a snazzy suit. Criminal X tells Lex he's got the page back for him. Lex walks over to where Li'l Flash is lying and asks if this is the "dangerous criminal" he was warned about. Criminal X wants to talk finder's fee. Lex turns on him and says that Flash is just a kid. He wants them to let Flash go. Criminal X says that Lex has no idea what that freak is capable of. Lex says that the guy should be more worried about the police. Lex already called them. Lex says that in five minutes, the place will be swarming with cops. Why did Lex even do that when they just helped him at his own request? Criminal X tells Criminal XY to take care of Lex. He raises a gun, but Lex is quicker, punching and head-butting the guy and then kneeing him in the groin. The gun goes across the floor. Criminal X, not one to be one-upped, goes at Lex with a punch from behind. Lex collapses. Criminal X, angry, kicks Li'l Flash in the shoe. Nice one, dude. "Look at the mess you made!" he yells. Flash is now awake. Criminal X pulls a gun on the fastest kid in the world, which doesn't seem like too smart a move. "Let's see if you're faster than a speeding bullet," says Criminal X. I thought we had established that he is. The camera whooshes around as Clark Kent superzips in, gets the gun and tosses it away. Clark grabs Criminal X by the lapels and throws him through the ceiling. Dude flies out of the building and through the roof of a parked RV. For some reason, steam blows out of a window of the RV. Were they steaming come carrots in there or something? Criminal XY starts to get up. "You don't want to be here!" Clark yells at him roughly. Lex is still down. "You still think what you do doesn't hurt anyone?" Clark asks Li'l Flash. Clark goes over to his homie Lex and checks his pulse. Mouth-to-mouth, Clark! Mouth-to-mouth! Li'l Flash gets up and says he's sorry to Clark. He holds out the small lead box, now open and with the Kryptonite inside. "This doesn't change anything," Flash says, making Clark writhe on the floor. He takes the scroll and places the box next to Clark. Clark tells the kid he's not a murderer. "You don't know who I am!" Li'l Flash yells back. Clark tells him he saw the kid save his dad. He's seen the good in Li'l Flash. He says that Li'l Flash has to stop running or he'll always be alone. Clark says that, deep down, they're the same. Li'l Flash thinks about it. He turns. "I wish that was [sic] true, Clark," he says. He goes back to Clark and closes the lead box. Then he speeds out of there. Commercials.

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