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A Flashy Guy

Stately Luthor Manor. Mmm, Lex has a new Alienware laptop. Sweet. Clark walks right in to Lex's office. Lex says it's good to see Clark keeping normal hours. Clark says he heard Lex ran into trouble in Metropolis. "News travels fast," says Lex. "Curse of a small town," Clark counters, smiling. Clark asks what happened. Lex says, "I decided to play cowboy and got my spurs handed to me." Yee-haw! They don't even talk like this here in Texas. Lex, who has a gash and bruise near his left eye, says he's surprised he's not dead. Clark says that someone must be watching over Lex. "In more ways than one," Lex says. Huh? Clark notices the manuscript page sitting back in its safe spot inside the glass case. Clark asks how Lex got it back. "I didn't," says Lex. He tells Clark that the page was sitting back on his desk when he returned home from the hospital. Lex says that whoever took it must have had a change of heart. "I guess he did," Clark says with a degree of stupidity that is surprising, even for Clark. Lex says they'll have time to study it later. Lex says he has a headache. Clark lies that he's just glad Lex is feeling better. He uses X-ray vision to take a look at the map before leaving. As Clark is walking out, Lex stops him to say that he had a team of experts examine the page: "Do you know what they discovered?" Clark waits in suspense. "That I paid too much for it," Lex says, breaking the tension. Clark lets out a breath. Lex thanks Clark for checking in. Clark leaves. Lex pushes a key on his laptop and the images on his computer of the page changes to an image of the map hiding within it. Lex smiles.

Kent Farm. Clark is sketching a rough approximation of the manuscript map on a drawing pad. We hear the WHOOSH! Li'l Flash appears behind Clark. "Dude, your drawing sucks," he says. "Stick to the hero thing." Clark asks if that's like returning a priceless artifact to its owner. Well, the hero's not usually the one who stole it in the first place, at least not in the DC universe. Li'l Flash shrugs that carrying all that money would've just slowed him down anyway. Flash asks how Clark caught up with him. He asks if Clark is fast, strong, and psychic. "I wish," says Clark. Oh, what, you don't have enough superpowers? Jackass. Clark says he spent a night in Suicide Slums trying to find someone to buy what he claimed were a thousand stolen MP3 players like the one Flash gave him. He was pointed in the direction of Criminal X. Flash is proud of Clark's investigative skills. Clark bobs his head around happily. Clark asks what's next for Li'l Flash. Flash says it's a big world. He's going to see if there's anyone else out there like them, maybe start a club or a league or something. He suggest Clark come with him. "Or you could stay," Clark says. Flash says that Clark has a great life here, but it's not Flash's; Flash has no reason to stay. "You have me," says Clark. Awww. Big brother! "Thanks for being my friend," says Li'l Flash. Clark asks if he's sure there's not anything Clark can do to change his mind. Li'l Flash smiles. "Tell you what. If you can catch me, I'll think about it." Flash takes off. Clark superzips after him. They zoom down the road, apparently on the day when nobody in Smallville is driving anywhere. Everything goes to slow motion as the world blurs behind them. Flash turns and runs backward, still keeping ahead of Clark. Clark, giddy, flashes the Gayest Look of the Episode. Li'l Flash tips an imaginary hat, turns the right way, and zips away so fast it makes Clark stop in his tracks and look ahead in wonder. Clark smiles broadly and shakes his head. The strummy music takes us to closing credits.

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