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A Flashy Guy

The Talon. The marquee outside reads, "Grand Re-Opening." I know I used to complain about the cheesy banners, billboards, and marquees, but the lack of imagination this season is simply stunning. Inside, frothy beverages are being served at the counter. Li'l Flash and Clark walk in. Flash says that a girl in a black bikini was "totally checking out" Clark. Clark says she wasn't. Flash says she was eyeing Clark like he was a snow cone. What the hell time of year is it, anyway? Girls are on the beach in Florida, but in Kansas, Jason needs a fireplace going in his dorm for warmth. Clark says you can't just go up to a girl on the beach and get a phone number. Apparently Clark has never had access to MTV. Li'l Flash pulls out a phone number and hands it to Clark. "Lucky for you...I can," he says. Boy, he's fast. With the ladies, too. Clark looks at the little phone number Post-It (with fishies on it). The girl had said for Clark to call her next time he's in Miami. Clark shushes Flash and says he can't just go down and run to Miami. "Why not?" Li'l Flash asks. "It's too much fun, Clark?" Clark wouldn't know fun if it bungee-jumped in front of him and threw up on his shoes. Li'l Flash says that nobody's ever died from it. Don't people die from going down to Florida and binge drinking every year? Flash zips around Clark, I guess to prove a point. Clark asks what he's doing. "I'm eating a cookie, dude. I'm starving." He is indeed noshing on a baked good. Clark takes the half-eaten cookie and puts it on the counter. He says that Flash can't just take what he wants. Clark's mom works here. Flash points out that there's a line for cookies. He doesn't do lines. Not even cocaine?

Chloe shows up wearing what looks like a very becoming hemp top and straightened hair. Also, she looks like she got a tan. What Bahamas vacation did she just come back from? She tells Clark she figured he'd still be playing detective in Metropolis. Clark says he decided to leave it up to the authorities. "Never would have caught him anyway," Li'l Flash adds helpfully. Clark introduces Flash. Flash says he's from the future. "I ran all the way back in time to tell you we're still in love a hundred years from now," he tells Chloe. Chloe laughs heartily. Clark, the super-buzzkill, says, "Bart" like you would to a pooping puppy. Li'l Flash asks Chloe to name her favorite flower. Tulips. WHOOSH! An orange tulip is given to Chloe. Flash says it's magic and asks if Chloe would like to see some more. He's got a wand in his pants, for instance. MamaKent tries to get Clark's attention. Clark gets between Chloe and Li'l Flash and tells the kid to knock it off. Clark stashes his Miami digits in his shirt pocket and goes to his mom. She asks what the little robber is doing there. "I think he's lonely. Wants to be my friend," says Clark. Awww. MamaKent hopes Clark can talk some sense to the boy. She also passes along a message from Lex: "Lex is looking for you, sweetheart." I'm not convinced there was supposed to be a comma there. Clark wonders if he should leave Li'l Flash alone. Cut to Li'l Flash chatting up Chloe. MamaKent says she doesn't think the kid will notice that Clark is gone. Clark gets a kick out of seeing the kid work moves that he can only dream of.

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