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A Flashy Guy

Clark gets to wander the halls of Stately Luthor Manor by himself. As he's walking, we hear a familiar WHOOSH! Li'l Flash stands in front of Clark, marveling that his new friend knows Lex Luthor. "What are you doing here?" Clark asks. Li'l Flash says that Chloe shot him down. "But, you know, her loss," he says. He's Li'l Leisure Suit Larry! Flash is impressed with all of Lex's cool stuff. He even saw the room with the manuscript page, where he says he took a quick spin. Clark tells Li'l Flash that he needs to get out of there. Lex comes out into the hall, apparently breaking up whatever important business he had, and asks whom Clark is talking to. Clark does a big dumb double take, looking around the room and not making a decent excuse. Lex is like, "Well?" Clark says nothing. He just makes a goofy face.

Clark comes home. Bo bellows from the living room that MamaKent is going to be home late again, so he thought they'd have a Guys' Night In. This is so sad. Bo's all pumped up about it, too, planning to have them catch highlights from the game they missed. Does Bo even know how to open a bag of potato chips? Clark gets all serious. He says he saw a manuscript with Kryptonian symbols on it. And according to the symbols, the Sharks will win. Way to ruin the game, jackass! Bo asks if Clark was able to read the page. Clark says it was a message written over and over, "Look deeper." "Are you sure it wasn't 'Go deep'? As in the game we're supposed to fucking watching right now?" Bo thinks. Clark tells Bo about the map hidden underneath. Clark says he thinks it has something to do with Jor-El. Bo, still trying to keep his late-afternoon beer buzz, tells Clark that he shouldn't worry about it. Clark is undeterred. Bo says that Clark wants to have a normal senior year. How does globetrotting on an alien mission fit in with that? I'll tell you how: it doesn't. Clark says that hanging out with his new friend made him realize he's not normal. And dammit, the girls in Miami love him! Bo puts his hands on Clark's shoulders and says that Clark is a seventeen-year-old boy. Seventeen? Ha! Clark ignores all that shit and says that whatever that map points to is probably powerful and dangerous. Clark worries it'll fall into the wrong hands. Bo asks if he's going to steal the manuscript. Clark says that Lex has no idea what he has. Clark wants to sneak back in and get a better look at it. Bo says it's a bad idea. Clark says, "I'll be in and out before he even knows I'm there." Textual!

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