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Chloe at The Torch. Clark, with a red backpack slung on his shoulder, asks if Chloe's seen Pete. Chloe says she asked him to help with a memorial issue, but he blew her off. Clark says that Pete's acting strange and that Travis/Trevor's death must have really gotten to him. Chloe says Pete tried to save him but couldn't get there in time. When did that happen? She says he feels guilty. Clark says it doesn't seem like it, and Chloe counters that people deal with grief in different ways. Chloe asks if Clark has any big plans for the weekend. Clark blows some air, but doesn't answer the question. Chloe turns away and goes to some files, upset. Clark asks about Travis/Trevor's death and the investigation. Chloe says the autopsy report was inconclusive, but that they found a small puncture wound on the back of his neck. It was where you pull the Nerd String to make him talk. She says his adrenal gland was unusually enlarged. That sounds pretty conclusive, from a medical standpoint. Clark says, so smartly, that adrenaline gives you a rush and maybe that's why he jumped. Chloe says he wasn't the only one who died. Someone from Grandville and someone from Smallville Community College (motto: Teaching the Rampaging Krypto-Mutants of Tomorrow) died. One dove into an empty pool and the other hit a tree with his Toyota. She says they had the same puncture wound, same enlarged adrenal gland, and exhibited the same strange behavior. That sounds like a pretty solid connection. Where are the police? I know they just lost a sheriff (sniff), but damn. Get the FBI up in this bitch. Clark says it's like they all had a death wish. Chloe says the police think it might be a new designer drug. Nerdstasy. She asks if Clark thinks Pete might have been affected. Clark says he needs to get Pete to a hospital. He leaves. Chloe is all sad.

Outside The Talon at night. Clark is heading over there when he hears someone yell, "Yo, Clark!" Clark looks across the street and it's Pete on top of a yellow Jeep, acting the fool. "What's up?" Pete yells. Clark tells Pete to get down from there. Is standing on a Jeep really that dangerous? Clark says he has to get Pete to the hospital, and that he thinks something happened to him at the rave. Pete says he'll be right there. He sees a big bus approaching. Uh oh. Pete hops in front of the speeding bus. "Nooooo!" Clark yells. He superzips over (without anyone on the street noticing) and pushes Pete out of the way. They fall to the ground together. Clark asks if Pete is okay. "Oh yeah!" Pete bellows. He says he wants to do it again. As people gather, Clark tries to drag Pete to the hospital. Pete insists he feels GAH-reat! Pete gets mad when Clark tries to pull him again, and says that if Clark takes another step, Pete is gonna expose his secret to all the people watching them. Clark pulls on Pete again and Pete starts yelling, "He's an alien! He's an alien!" Given that Pete is acting like a cokehead, nobody's gonna believe him. Pete runs through the crowd. Clark stands there and looks embarrassed.

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