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Boy Story

Remember that kid from "Stray"? He's back. And in the preview he says, "I'm dying, Clark." Well, we can hope, can't we?

We open on said psychic kid. We pan down on him from above, and see all kinds of diodes and wires hooked up to his tow head. He appears to be in some sort of lab with blue lighting. Somebody off-camera asks, "Okay, Ryan, what am I looking at?" A bunch of blue lighting gels? Little Luka Lost -- who is shirtless and pasty -- says, "A dog." A shadowy figure asks what kind of dog, and what color. It's a brown lab. The intense lab guy is looking at an image on a computer screen of a brown lab that Luka can't see. The guy pulls up another image and Luka guesses it correctly. A pine tree. We see an image of Luka's brain, and then suddenly he puts a hand to his temple in pain. The lab guy calls Luka's name. Without opening his eyes, Luka says, "Father, mother, and son." He's correct again. The doctor (or whoever he is) asks if Luka's having another pressure headache. Does he need Advil? Luka nods. Evil Doc says they should push on. Luka says he doesn't want to answer any more questions. The Doc says there's just a few left. "Full moon," Luka says, answering the next image question. Butterfly. Train. Luka moans suddenly and jerks his head. Creepy music plays as Luka's nose starts to bleed. Evil Doc just stares at Luka. He's got some Peter Gallagher eyebrows going. Luka wipes his nose and looks back at the Evil Doc. Luka tells the Doc, in his creepy psychic matter-of-fact voice, that Evil Doc's afraid he isn't going to get all his research done. "Get the coagulant," Evil Doc says to some lackey off in the side. The lackey goes up some stairs to fetch it. When the guy is gone, Luka asks what Oxycontin is. Doc says it's a powerful narcotic. Luka tells the Doc that his assistant is stealing it. "I knew it," Evil Doc says and goes to pursue his wayward lackey.

Wayward lackey. All he was getting was some damn coagulant! Just like the doctor asked! Poor him! Evil Doc got fooled by a scrawny kid. "Son of a bitch!" he yells, and starts running down the ill-lit hallway. He re-enters the torture lab, calling for Luka, but Luka's gone, man. Next time, screw the coagulant. Let the boy bleed.

Luka is crawling through the ventilation ducts without any tools or a means of getting way up there. So he's MacGyver now? He opens a grate into another room and climbs down. He finds a phone and dials. Hope he pushed 9 to get out. Banging on the door as Luka calls. We cut to the Kent kitchen. MamaKent is working on a laptop as the phone rings. She asks Clark to get it. He looks comatose for a second, just standing there. It's Luka! And he needs help! "Is that you?" Clark asks. Clark asks where he is. Luka, near tears, says it's a hospital called Summerholt Clinic. The fuzz busts in and starts to grab the phone. Luka yells that they're experimenting on him. "What?" Clark asks. How much more clear could Luka have been? MamaKent comes over, concerned. Much struggling back at the lab phone. Luka struggles as they point a needle at him. The needle goes way, way, WAY deep into his skull toward his brain. Yikes, man. Luka falls asleep and then we abruptly break into the opening credits.

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