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TV screen. One of those sleazy political ads where they zoom in on a politician's face until it's all blurry and distorted. This time the ad features Da Mayor and talks about bribes he took. The ad -- which Lex and Cancer Man are watching in Lex's lair -- talks about how this guy destroyed the environment, killed Santa Claus, raped your grandma, and every other evil thing you can think of. The ad asks if Smallville can afford another four years of Da Mayor. "Why are you doing this?" Cancer Man asks. Lex says the town needs an honest mayor. Cancer Man asks if Lex is running the ad. Lex says no; he's putting his money and support behind Da Mayor's opponent. Lex says CM can save himself a lot of trouble by retiring now. Cancer Man says Lex can kiss the plant expansion goodbye. Lex says he's prepared to sacrifice it if that's what it takes to defeat Da Mayor. Da Mayor says Lex isn't from the area: "People don't like you." Lex chuckles. Da Mayor tells Lex to stop laughing. He says all it'll take is some fiery campaign speeches about outside interests and Lex will start to feel the heat. Lex blah blahs a story about Winston Churchill and Pearl Harbor. Churchill broke out a bottle of champagne and celebrated when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Lex pours a drink. He says Churchill told his generals that America is like a giant boiler. Light a fire under it and there's no limit to the heat it can generate. Lex warns Da Mayor that if he starts a fire, he'd better be prepared to deal with the flames. Er. Yeah. Flames. Lex. Lex. Flames. I can definitely see that. Cancer Man's lips move around a bit at that.

Clark at the hospital. He's sipping on a sweet little cup of coffee. Lana finds him. She asks if there's any news. Clark says Luka's in recovery but the prognosis is optimistic. "So everything's gonna work out?" Lana asks. Clark says he think so. Lana says she took Clark's advice: She's going to be living with Chloe until she graduates. And who's going to pay for that? Clark asks if Nell is "cool" with that. Lana says no, but that Nell's agreed. So Nell's pretty much off the show in even the limited capacity she was presented before? Clark says Lana's a fighter. Lana says that when she thinks of everything Luka's gone through, it puts her own brain problems in perspective. "Wow, you and Chloe as roommates," Clark says. Dirty, dirty thoughts, Clark! Lana asks if he ever saw that coming. He says not in a million years. Clark looks sad. Lana asks what's wrong. Clark says she won't be the girl next door anymore. Lana whispers that she's not going anywhere. She says, sneakily, that maybe now Clark can give his telescope to Luka. Oops! Busted!

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