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Boy Story

Bo and MamaKent walk up. They're both red-faced and not in the embarrassed way. "Clark," MamaKent says, near tears. Uh oh.

Clark walks into Luka's room. Luka's reading the same comic. Luka says every year for his birthday, he wished for an aerodrome so he could fly high. Like an Alpine White commercial. Up there, all his problems would seem so far away. Clark says that's great except for the flying part. Luka asks Clark to give the comic book back to Lex. Clark says Luka can do it himself when he gets out. Luka says he warned Clark about Lex, but never said how much Lex admires Clark. With his lustful eyes. Luka tells Clark to keep an eye on Lex after Luka's gone. Clark tells him not to talk like that and not to give up hope. Luka tells Clark to shut it. He says the doctors told him that Clark bought him a few extra days. He says he wants to spend that time with his friend: "So can you call my friend for me, Clark?" Naw, just kidding. Hey, Clark. Would you mind winning one for the Gipper? Luka suddenly touches his head. Another headache. "It's so loud in here," he says. He's pained. Clark says he'll take Luka somewhere quiet. In pain, Luka nods.

Hot-air balloon! And it's rainbow-colored. Up, up and away! In my beautiful balloon! Strummy music plays. I like "Up, up and away" better. Should Luka even be standing, especially in that rickety wicker basket? He and Clark are in the balloon. Clark asks what Luka thinks. "It's peaceful," Luka says. Luka says he thought Clark was a big wussy baby who didn't like to fly. "Not when you're here to protect me," Clark tells him. Luka, emotionally, thanks Clark for this moment. "It's perfect," he says. Clark looks sad. "I don't want you to be angry or sad," Luka tells Clark. Luka says Clark changed his life and he's going to change a lot of lives. He makes Clark promise he'll never give up. Not even if the WB loses him to UPN someday. Clark puts an arm around Luka and promises. Luka starts to cry. Clark look off into the distance. That's NOT a tear in my eye. It's lint. From a dust ball that Cosa brought into the room with her...on the wings of a pixie and, uh...Hold on a minute. (Sniff.) Goddamn you, Luka. The balloon floats off into the distance. The episode could have ended here, but...

Clark is at the hospital. He gathers a few Warrior Angel comics. He wanders out into the hallway just as the strummy alt-crap is picking up steam. Clark looks into Luka's old room, at the industrial-green mattress of the hospital bed. Clark looks sad. He tilts his head in a forlorn way, but there are no tears. Oh, come on, Clark, even Lana can cry. The camera pulls back down the hall as Clark stands there and hospital workers walk in slow motion around him. I know this is supposed to be sad, but this is a total Scrubs rip-off. Just thought I'd let you know.'s over.

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