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Boy Story

Lana in the country, riding her horse in her strange, fur-lined pink parka. It's one of the rare cases where if Joan Rivers viciously attacked someone's fashion sense, I'd have to agree with her. Lana says "Hey!" to someone visiting her. It's Nasty Nell, wearing red, and having pulled up in a blue car. Do with that information what you will. Lana says she took the long way around Crater Lake. Nell warbles about when Lana was younger and rode at the Metropolis Equestrian Club and said she wished she belonged to club like that. "Yah! They've gut fantastic facilities," Lana says. Look, I'm not one to pick apart a Canadian accent, but ever since I started reading about that in the forums, it's really hard not to notice it. Nell asks what Lana would say if Nell told her she could ride there every weekend and after school. Lana says it'd be a long drive. Nell drops the bomb: She knows this is sudden (like four episodes sudden), but her new fiancée wants Nell and Lana to move with him to Metropolis for a job he's taking. "And you said yes?" Lana whispers. Nell says it'll be great for all of them. Plus, there's a great speech therapist near the equestrian facility! Lana says she can't believe Nell agreed to do this without asking her. She says it like Nell is shipping her off to military school instead of taking her out of a town full of stalkers and mutants. Nell starts to explain but Lana takes the big picture in about everyone's happiness besides her own and concludes, "What about school and my FRIENDS?" Plus The Talon, she adds. Nell says Lana can visit Smallville any time she wants. She doesn't really say anything about The Talon. Lana looks over to the director at the left to make sure she doesn't have a line here. More stunned silence. And...scene!

MamaKent comes out of the front door of the Kent house looking annoyed. She says that the Summerholt Institute has more bureaucracy than the IRS. And she's a farmer; she should know. Clark says he wants to go check it out. Bo Duke says the police already checked it out and Luka wasn't there. Clark says the boy is like a little brother to him and he'd never forgive himself if something happened. Something like...cancer? Whups, sorry, too soon, too soon. Bo says Clark can't just go and rip the doors off the place. What about x-ray vision? Clark, pensive. The emotion that fits him like a superhero costume.

Lab Rat Central. Luka is in a bed and there are two vertical neon bars on either side of him that could double as lightsabers. This is like the inside of a computer I wanted to buy recently. A machine showing some vitals beeps and boops next to him.

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