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Boy Story

Clark is in the same building, it seems, talking to a receptionist. As he speaks, two people in lab coats walk over what looks like a Twister mat in the lobby. This research lab looks like an expensive bar. The receptionist says they don't have a Luka. He asks her to check again. She says she's going to call Security if Clark doesn't leave. "I'm not leaving. I want to talk to someone in charge," Clark says. Just then Evil Doc comes up, twirling his moustache and masturbating to the image of broken-down horses, or some such evil act. He asks what's up and offers to handle the situation. Clark introduces himself. "Didn't your parents call earlier?" Evil Doc asks. Clark tells him about Luka. Evil Doc says Summerholt is strictly a research facility. "I know he's here," Clark insists. Evil Doc says the police already came and checked twice. He says he hopes Clark finds his friend, but he's not there. He walks off and gives Clark a little arm pat as he goes. Clark waits a bit. When the receptionist goes to answer a phone, Clark takes a peer at a clipboard behind the counter. One of the levels is "Restricted," which as you know from "Jitters" means some bad shit is going down.

Clark does indeed bust open a door and finds Luka tied up to a bunch of wires. Clark, looking shocked, takes off Luka's restraints. "Hey! You're not supposed to be in here," a very butch orderly says. Clark tosses him through the door and against the outside wall like so many bags of cotton candy. Luka -- whose upper lip is all crusty with blood -- looks at Clark all dazed. "I knew you'd come for me, Clark," he says. Clark carries the boy out in true superhero fashion.

Stately Luthor Manor, at night. A fountain, appropriately, is gushing outside. Inside, coincidentally, Lex is holding a chocolatey drink with a big head of whipped cream. It's like Lex is constantly trying to create the nose-in-foam scene from Austin Powers. Lex hands over the glass mug of chocolate to little Luka, who doesn't seem as annoyed with Lex as he was last time around. He's even covered with a blanket, the universal sign for "I just survived trauma." Clark asks how they might get hold of Luka's aunt. He says he thinks she moved to Arizona. Clark asks how she could just leave. Luka says he started getting nosebleeds and headaches a few months ago. She took him to a bunch of doctors, it got to be a lot to handle, and Evil Doc showed up offering to pay for Luka's care. Lex asks what they were treating Luka for. Luka stumbles over his words and before he can answer, Clark says they were holding him for observation. Lex gives Clark a stern look and asks to talk to him for a moment. Luka starts to say something, maybe a warning ("Use protection!"), but then looks down and "never mind"s Clark. Clark tells Luka to get some rest with his big sugary caffeinated drink. The kid eats some whipped cream and licks his lips, but it's so joyless it's like he's drinking castor oil.

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