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House Of Flying Bullshit

Kent kitchen. "Well...I do hope you brought us a souvenir," says Bo as Clark walks in. Here we go. Clark acts like the victim and says he didn't have any choice. Bo asks Clark to tell them at least that the second stone is safe in the cave with the other one. Uh. Sorry, Bo. Clark says he had the stone in his hand, but lost it. MamaKent asks why the stones are surrounded by Kryptonite if they're meant for Clark to find. Good question. Clark wonders the same thing. He brings up the email he got from Swann before he died. Clark uses words like "resources," "disposal," and "futile," which I don't buy at all. Clark says he was Swann's last hope. So Swann asked Margot Kidder to give Clark the one stone he did find. Clark says he called her phone, and all her lines are disconnected. Maybe because the producers pissed her off and she stopped answering their calls. Clark says that nobody claims to know her. "It's like she never existed," he says. On this show? He's right. Everybody stares at each other. See ya, Margot Kidder.

The Caves of Contrivance. Clark stares at the stone table. "Kal-El, you must write your own destiny," says the disembodied voice of Christopher Reeve. The camera cranes up to the ceiling as Clark keeps staring. Aaaaaand...scene.

Next week: oh, nice, let's add more cast members and complications. And while we're at it, let's bring back Lois Lane to annoy us some more. See ya then, true believers.

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