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The Spear of Destiny
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Previously on Smallville: Dr. Fate told Clark he would lead a "silver age" of heroism; Clark started training with Jor-El and wore his hair with bangs; Alia used blue Kryptonite to briefly take away Clark's powers; Chloe was reticent to accept gifts from her new beau, Oliver; Clark worried he wasn't enough for Lois since she was so hung up on his Blur identity; Lois decided she shouldn't meet the Blur face-to-face because he needed to protect them anonymously; Tess heard a disembodied voice tell her she was the savior of Kandor and Zod arrived nekkid on Earth; the Kandorians arrived on Earth thanks to some magical cloning technology; Lois worked with Perry White and Checkmate; Clark accidentally gave Zod super-powers when he gave Zod his blood; Zod then gave his soldiers super powers by giving them his blood; Faora told Clark Zod was looking for the powerful "Book of Rao" which was actually a golden metal disk; Zod killed her for betraying him and in the process killed his unborn child; he pinned the death on humans but Clark told the Kandorians that was a lie; Clark looked all over for the Book of Rao but couldn't find it; Martha, who turned out to be the mysterious Red Queen, schooled Tess about saving the planet; Martha gave the Book of Rao to Clark and told him it would transport all the Kandorians to "another plane of existence" but he'd be taken along with them; Zod pretended to be the Blur to enlist Lois's help doing his dirty work; Clark, as the Blur, cut ties with Lois, telling her if anyone called her as the Blur, she shouldn't believe them; Lois got a note from the Blur asking to finally meet her.

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