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The Spear of Destiny

Clark returns to the Gothy Tower with the Book of Rao. Before he can insert the disk into the console, Zod zooms out of the sky and lands in front of him. "You can't stop me, Zod. We're leaving this planet." Zod sneers. "I'm not going anywhere, and neither are they." Right on cue, his soldiers whoosh through the night sky and drop onto the rooftop. There's a whole assload of them. Clark's face goes, "Crap!" But he regains composure soon enough. "Having others finish the fight you started only proves what a coward you are." Zod points out that Clark's the one who likes to hide in shadows. "You've hidden, too," Clark spits back. "The truth! From them!" You could whittle Lincoln Logs out of some of Welling's delivery here. Clark addresses the gathering, Book of Rao upheld, and tells them it won't destroy them. "It will lead us to a better place," he says. "Another planet where we can live in peace." Martha only said it would lead them to another plane of existence; she never said it would be better than Earth. For all Clark knows, it could be some alternate reality populated entirely by Carrot Top clones, or all the restaurants are filled with screaming kids and jerk-asses who talk on their cell phones all night! Nonetheless, Clark promises that Krypton will live again in their rebuilt world. "This is just another deceit," Zod tells them. Clark turns to Zod. "What about your deceptions? If they knew the truth, they'd never follow you." Clark walks over to Vala, talking about Faora's wish to leave Zod, and how she was killed for it. Vala doesn't flinch. Clark turns back to Zod and asks, "But she wasn't the only one who paid the price, was she?" An enraged Zod grabs Clark by the lapels of his coat and shoves him up against a nearby wall. "Faora was a traitor," Zod says in Clark's ear. "Do you think I wanted to kill my own child?" "Zod" must be Kryptonian for "he who forgets important crap at important moments of the story," because he only just now remembers that his soldiers have super-hearing. He looks around and finds them all glaring back at him. He tries to save face by reminding them that Faora was a traitor, but they're not buying it. Vala is the first one to rip off her Nazi-esque soldier's armband and the others soon follow suit. "She would have betrayed us all!" Zod shouts, sounding more and more desperate by the second. Vala advances on him, but Basqat stops her because the script says it's Clark who has to fight Zod in the end. He promises they'll deal with Zod once they're "on their own soil." Soil if you're lucky. You could be going to a plane of existence where the ground is made entirely of elephant mucus. "Kal-El, take us home," Vala says. And if that doesn't work, perhaps Calgon can take you away. Clark slips the disk into the console and beams of bright yellow light erupt out of the crystals and straight into the night sky. One by one, the Kandorians are beamed up into the clouds. Clark lifts up his face, readying himself.

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