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The Spear of Destiny

And now the season finale of Smallville! The ninth season finale. Holy crap, that's a lot of season finales.

A cute little biplane putters along the Metropolis skyline, pulling behind it a sign that reads, "Metropolis World's Fair 2013." Now you know it's the future. And that World's Fairs still exist. Lois is arguing with Perry White in his office. You just see the vague shape of a man and his name stenciled on the door. Now you know that Perry White will be editor of the paper within three years. And that there was apparently some kind anticipated problem with 2012 that didn't come to pass, much like Y2K, or so Lois argues. On her way out the door, she tells him, "Not to fear, White, if there's a scandal in the Pentagon, yours truly will be the one to find it." She's got her hair all done up in a twist and is wearing a smart business suit and heavy-rimmed geek-chic glasses. No sooner has she walked away from the office than an office drone descends upon her. He tells her the State Department has called her seven times and the Dalai Lama has sent her a fruit basket, which he thrusts upon her. It also looks more like a flower arrangement than a fruit basket. Those crazy Buddhists. "Clark's at the deli," the drone says. "He wants to know if you want pastrami or roast beef." Lois scoffs about Clark's forgetful nature. She stomps into the elevator, the drone close behind. "There's something else," he says almost apologetically as he hands her a newspaper. She whips it open with an exasperated sigh. "Lex Luthor Announces Run For Presidency," the headline screams. There's a nice picture of Michael Rosenbaum from early in the show. Lois is pissed that Lex is running for president and Perry White has her on the Pentagon story. Why is this presidential bid news to her if the paper she works at is running the story? Also, way to jump the gun, Lex. She stomps out of the elevator and towards her desk. There's a familiar whoosh and she finds Clark's desk suddenly unoccupied save for his glasses and still-moving chair. She doesn't seem surprised at all. A portly older gentleman starts running through the office, shouting, "The news plane lost power! It's heading straight for the Daily Planet!" Lois shouts at an unseen "Olsen" to take pictures. "Look! Up in the sky!" shouts the older gentleman. She gets to the window just in time to see the red blur of a cape whooshing through the sky. The imperiled biplane is reflected in the globe atop the building as Dr. Fate's voice echoes, "Your fate is utterly binding. You will lead this generation, as Hawkman once led ours." A tiny Superman-shaped blur saves the plane, steering it away from the building.

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