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The Spear of Destiny

Watchtower, and it's suddenly daytime. Chloe's got on her snazzy green leather jacket again. She's talking to Oliver by video chat. His smiling face is on multiple monitors around the place as she moves around, checking computers. She's having a hard time tracking down the Kandorians. "It's like they vanished into thin air!" Oliver: "You know, that might have something to do with the fact that they can fly." Chloe chuckles. "Sarcasm noted." They have a nice rapport that makes me wish the show had spent more time on their relationship this season. Oliver wonders if the Kandorians haven't left the planet, but Chloe's sure they're still here because Zod needs people to rule over. "I have a feeling that the War of the Worlds is coming soon to a planet near you," she says. Oliver says he's heading home: "If a war breaks out, I want to be in the foxhole with you." Chloe seems surprised and not all that pleased to hear it, which makes Oliver remember that he's dating Little Miss Commitmentphobe. He tries to cover by awkwardly stammering out an explanation that doesn't quite come. So Chloe offers, "Because we need to protect Watchtower's database." Oliver's like, "Uh, yeah... that's it!" He stammers a bit more then signs off. Cute.

Clark whooshes in and Chloe debriefs him about getting the other heroes mobilized and armed with the Kryptonite weapons. Clark thinks that will only stall the Kandorians. "It's only a matter of time before Zod commands his soldiers to bring the world to its knees." Clark gives Chloe the Book of Rao. She's quite impressed with it, despite the fact that it looks pretty much like all the other Krypto-disks we've seen so far. She wonders how Martha even knew about it. Good question. Care to give it a try, Clark? "When Lionel died, she inherited the Kryptonian library." Uh... all right. "It's no surprise that Zod would lie," Clark says. "The Book of Rao is not a bible; it was created by Jor-El to send the Kandorians to another world -- a world they could call their own." Zod probably didn't so much as lie as the writers didn't decide until most of the way through the season that a bible wasn't going to get them to a season finale. Chloe gets all excited to fire up the disk, but Clark tells her he'd be sent away along with the Kandorians. "I know my destiny is here," he says. "I've seen it." Clark goes on to say that Dr. Fate saw his destiny, too, and then there were all those stupid trials Jor-El concocted. Clark is adamant about staying on Earth. The whole while Clark is talking, you can see the scenarios playing out in Chloe's head. She wants him to stay, she's been his friend forever, but... "What if every trial has just been a preparation for you to make the ultimate sacrifice?" Clark doesn't think that's the case, because Jor-El would be lecturing him about it instead of keeping his stupid disembodied voice out of it. Chloe thinks it might be Jor-El's way of saying Clark needs to make the decision on his own. Clark, getting a bit huffy, still insists there has to be another way. "Jor-El did not tell you to stay here and be our guardian," Chloe argues. "Are you saying it's selfish for me to try to save people?" he asks. Well, now that you mention it... But that's not what Chloe thinks. "You think I want you to go?" she asks, her tone demanding and passionate. "Clark, I can't imagine being in this world without you." Neither can the CW, apparently. She reminds him there's still a team of heroes here to protect Earth. She says, quietly, "Maybe your true purpose is to lead your own people." Sad, heroic music plays. Clark stares at the air.

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