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The Spear of Destiny

Daily Planet, dawn. Lois arrives to find a package from Perry White. Priority overnight, from Nairobi to Kansas, even. That must've cost a pretty penny. Inside there's a plane ticket for her. "You never give up, do you, Perry?" She makes a sad face and goes over to Clark's computer. She searches his files for any references to the Blur and pulls up beaucoups de folders. Most of them are news articles, some are surveillance snapshots. There's one picture of Zod standing in a crowd. Lois sighs.

Metropolis General. An old woman sits in the hallway, her face obscured by a babushka, her gnarled hands knitting a beige sweater. Nearby, Two-Face Tess is lying in a hospital room, her bed surrounded by a clear plastic screen. She sees Clark standing by the foot of her bed and stammers out an apology for tracking Corben to the Fortress. She was only trying to protect Clark, she says. Clark shows her the Book of Rao, saying he can't use it now even if he wanted to, because Zod smushed the console. Tess reveals the location of a heretofore unseen new console that she rescued from the rubble of the demolished solar towers. How very lucky! She tells him she moved the console to his "crow's nest above the city." "Clark, this is my last chance to atone for my sins," she says. "You are the only one who can save us, and you've run out of time." Every word she speaks is shaky and pained. "The war has already begun," she tells him.

Montage time! The Kandorians decide to go sightseeing around Earth, except instead of picking up souvenirs, they decide to set stuff on fire. The Great Wall of China is in flames... somehow. Maybe the anonymous, black-clad Kandorian standing atop the blazing fort brought gasoline with him. He's also burned Zod's "Z" symbol into a section of the wall. The Acropolis of Athens is similarly ablaze. Vala uses her heat vision to blast Zod's symbol into the Great Pyramids. Basqat does his part by branding the Washington Monument. You've disfigured America's most phallic monument! You're going to have to pay now. He sneers with satisfaction at his handiwork.

Watchtower. Chloe's set up a video conference with members of the JSA and JLA. Oliver's at her side, kitted out in his Green Arrow gear, while the rest report in from the locations attacked by the Kandorians. "I think we have a little more time before the UN gets involved," Chloe says. "All our Queen Industries contacts say our military friends believe this is just some hoax." That... seems unlikely. She asks the others for updates. Stargirl reports in from Washington: "No sign of the Kandorians after the attack." "Black Canary here," Dinah adds, sporting some crazy disco hair. "The story's the same here in Athens." "All I found in Giza are mummies," Hawkman reports. He advocates striking against the aliens first, but Oliver scoffs, calling him "Tweety." Heh. "We're dealing with super-powered aliens here." Hawkman accuses "Mr. Green Jeans" of being a coward. Chloe cuts in: "The Kandorians are Clark's people, so we're not going to take any sort of action until he's with us." John Jones agrees with Chloe, but Cyborg sides with Hawkman. They argue back and forth. The others start bickering amongst themselves. Hawkman, speaking over them all, says, "Zod's symbol says one thing: he wants a fight. I say we move now and cause some pain." Clark walks into the room, asking, "But at what cost?" Yeah, no kidding! The special effects budget would have to be astronomical! "The Kandorians have been led astray by Zod," Clark says. Heroic music plays. "I don't want to see them die any more than I want to lose any one of you." Everyone falls silent. Clark announces that he's going to use the Book of Rao to send the Kandorians away. "Once I lead my people to another world, I'll never be able to come back." The other heroes argue with him, but Clark insists it's the only peaceful way to end the threat. He tasks them with carrying on after he leaves. The world will still need them to fight other threats. "You'll have to work together to become the team that you were meant to be." The heroes agree and sign off with their respects. Chloe, tears in her eyes, says, "I'm proud of you," and leaves the room. Oliver stops Clark from going after her, telling him instead to go see Lois. Clark mopes about his problems with Lois lately. "You owe her the truth," Oliver says. Clark thinks it would hurt Lois more to know the truth just before he leaves. "I wouldn't do that to her," he says. Oliver tells him to go say goodbye anyway. Jesus, just do something to end this scene!

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