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The Spear of Destiny

Gothy crow's nest. Basqat comes in for a landing on the rooftop and finds Zod already there. "General, have you retrieved the Book of Rao?" Zod just twitches, so Basqat gets antsy about "Kal-El" using it to kill them. Zod's asks, in the pissiest tone possible, "Do you not have a mission to complete?" Basqat tells him it's done; Kal-El's buds have been sent all over the world. Zod paces the rooftop a bit, musing about Kal-El being all alone in Metropolis. Basqat looks like he's starting to realize his boss is a little cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but informs the General that they've now cut off their communications and their satellites have been destroyed. "Then by dawn we'll have the Book of Rao," Zod says. "And this planet will be ours." Commercials.

Watchtower. All the monitors have gone to static, which causes Chloe great consternation. She can't reach anybody. "It's like everyone I sent out there is a sitting duck and Zod's about to call a start to hunting season!" Oliver tries to calm her down, but she's growing more frantic by the second. "We're dealing with, like, a hundred Clarks here!" she says. In that case, you could probably just distract them all with Mad Libs. "I'm not sure I can dodge this speeding bullet," Chloe says. "You're not in it alone," Oliver reminds her. "We're a team, right? You've got me." She doesn't hear him because she's too busy gathering up things from her desk. "Hey," he says a little louder. He takes her by the arms and waits for her to finally look up at him. "Trust me," he says with a smile. She calms down for all of two seconds before she gets back to work trying to fix their technical difficulties. Oliver tells her he had a satellite launched into orbit, dedicated to Watchtower. That finally gets Chloe to stop. "We have our own satellite?" she practically squeals. "Why didn't you tell me this before?" "Well, it was sort of a gift," he says with a little-boy grin. Chloe couldn't be more thrilled, even though it means her birthday gift to him will now pale in comparison. He says the satellite's up, but he'll have to flip some switches at the Earth station before they can use it. Chloe fishes out some old walkie-talkies so they can keep in touch and hands him one, asking him to keep a low profile. He plants a kiss on her, then jokes about keeping a low profile while wearing green leather. She watches him leave with a mixture of pride and fear, and just a twinge of the burning thigh sweats, as Omar G. used to say.

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