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The Spear of Destiny

Kent farm. Lois is digging around in the trunk in Clark's loft. It's mostly high school memorabilia, so when she finds a leather-bound journal, she assumes it's more of the same. "How could a guy who kept a journal in high school ever hurt anyone?" She smiles lovingly, but opens it and discovers it's Virgil Swann's journal with Kryptonian translations and a Veritas crest. Lois flips through the pages and finds them full of alien symbols and formulas. On the last page is the sketch that Faora made of the Book of Rao. Lois compares it to the sketch she showed Perry last week. She looks freaked, although it's a mystery why she finds it so disconcerting instead of assuming it's research for a story like her own. Clark comes up the stairs just then but for some reason doesn't see her nosing around. She puts on a tense smile. He's been looking for her. "I have something to tell you, and if I don't tell you now, I never will." Lois is listening, so he goes on about his relationships ending too soon, and how lost he felt last fall when he went away. "But when I came back to the bullpen, you were there waiting for me," he says. "You jumped out of your seat, you threw your arms around me, and the way that your eyes sparkled when you smiled, I just... I knew." He takes a breath and adds, "I just knew that you were the one I've always needed, and I needed you to know that." Lois looks distraught, so he prompts her to say something. She blurts out that Perry has offered her a job at the foreign desk in Kenya. That can't really be a promotion, can it? Clark looks sad, so he goes to the window and composes himself before turning around with a smile. "That's great, congratulations." She hasn't decided to go yet, so he stupidly asks her what would make her stay. "I would stay for you," she says. She would give up Africa to be with him. "But only if we stop keeping secrets from each other," she says quietly. Clark feigns ignorance, which comes naturally. Lois pleads with him to be honest, but he keeps insisting there's nothing else to tell her. He gives her an awkward hug and promises to watch over her. Lois leaves with tears in her eyes and we spend much too long watching Clark watching her go down the stairs.

Met Gen. Two-Face Tess has taken a turn for the worse. She starts convulsing as monitors beep and nurses and doctors rush in. Meanwhile, the grandmotherly woman outside continues knitting her beige sweater as if waiting for something to happen. Click-click go her needles. Whoever they hired to play this part is actually knitting and not just faking it, so cheers for that little detail. As she knits, we hear the staff working to save Tess, but they give up after a whopping 30 seconds or so. A doctor walks out of the room, glancing at his watch. "Time of death, 3:33PM.""The mystery woman stops knitting and walks into Tess's room. She purposefully closes the door behind her. Forum posters speculated that she's Granny Goodness, set to recruit Tess for Darkseid, but only time will tell if the show follows up on it. [Granny Goodness is skilled in the arts of torture and combat, but... knitting? A Female Fury needs not these things. - Z]

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