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Oh, the Humanity!

Chloe hears a noise somewhere in her cavernous apartment and looks around worriedly. She reaches down and produces a gun. She keeps her finger on the trigger as she goes to check things out, which seems like a good way to accidentally shoot someone. Although, what the hell. It's like 90% of the population of the city are either mutated psychos or psychotic mutants, so maybe it's not such a bad precaution. Also, I'm looking at this place and instead of thinking how awesome and spacious it is, I'm thinking of what a bitch it must be to dust because the ceilings are about 30 feet high. Plus, can you imagine what it would cost to heat and cool a place like that? I know, I know. On a list of implausible things about this show, this is pretty close to the bottom. But still! So expensive! Chloe stands at the top of the stairs as a man walks in downstairs through seemingly unlocked doors. She aims her gun and warns him she'll give him an "impromptu nose job" if he comes any further. Nasty rhinoplasty on the fasty is avoided when she recognizes the intruder as Dr. Hamilton. Hamilton's glasses must be super because even from a distance he recognizes the gun as a 9mm Jericho 941, which he asks her to lower. He also says he prefers to be called Emil.

Chloe puts the gun down, explaining as she comes down the stairs that she's been "haunted by [her] share of ghosts lately." The spirits of seasons past have been coming to her door every night and demanding to know when the show started going so wrong. Chloe asks Emil if Ollie sent him. She's been calling him nonstop. Emil produces Ollie's cell phone from his jacket pocket and says she can stop calling. "Obviously, he's not gonna answer." Well, obviously not if you have his phone, dummy. He says "they're" all gone. Chloe doesn't want to believe it. She thinks Ollie, Dinah and Bart are just off the grid. [Arthur and Vic, of course, are simply not important. - Zach] Emil insists they don't want to be found. They're off wallowing because Jimmy died as a result of them turning against each other. No, Jimmy died as a result of a dumb plot twist. Chloe points out that Clark feels guilty, too, but he's still out there making sure the streets of Metropolis are protected. Emil dickishly and for no discernable reason notes that Clark seems to be doing OK without his "sidekick." Meaning Chloe, I guess, because she looks stung by his words. I bet she kind of wishes she'd shot him, now.

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