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Oh, the Humanity!

We don't find out what Jor-El thinks about that because we move to a hospital in Metropolis. It's not Smallville without a trip to the ER. Nurses are rushing around, trying to get help for injured patients. Chloe enters, looking around worriedly until she finds Lois, who she keeps calling "Lo" throughout the rest of this scene. Has she always called her that? It's sort of distracting. "Lo" is in a hospital gown, in bed, having just ripped out her IV. Her giant hair looks impeccably tousled. Chloe gives her cousin a hug and asks where she's been. Lois explains about the alien orb and fighting with Tess only to suddenly wake up in a monorail car with a "ninja chick" after her. Chloe tells Lois that she must have bumped her head in the accident. You know, I'm looking at this scene paused right now, and Erica Durance looks so much younger and prettier all fresh-faced like this than when they spackle on eight pounds of Mary Kay like they usually do. Lois remembers that Chloe was MIA for a while, too, playing "Thelma and Louise with the Creature from the Black Lagoon." Lois wonders how Chloe managed to ditch Davis, and Chloe says she didn't... exactly. Lois gushes that the Red-Blue Blur must have saved Chloe, because he'd promised to do just that. Chloe, hurt, realizes this means Lois and Clark's alter ego have been talking. Lois beams and says he confides in her. Chloe, quietly: "Of course he does." Lois catches sight of the clock and sees that it's almost midnight, thinking that she's going to be late for her phone date with the Blur. Chloe tries to get her to slow down and explain that she's already weeks late, but Lois barrels on. The Blur, she says, is the only one who can help her escape from the "Crouching Tiger." Chloe keeps trying to get her to stop, saying she's got a big bomb she needs to drop. You shouldn't have stopped off for Taco Bell, Chloe. Lois finally slows down and asks Chloe to get her a sedative. Chloe, being the trusting person she is, goes off to get the meds for her cousin. Lois, of course, immediately grabs her clothes and legs it, leaving the Legion ring behind.

Lois runs through the streets for the appointed phone booth and picks up the receiver. "Hello?" she greets breathlessly. Of course, there's no one on the other end because it's three weeks late and the phone wasn't even ringing when she picked it up. She leaves the booth, thinking maybe he's outside. She says she wants to thank him for saving Chloe, then apologizes for being late. She thinks she's just five minutes late but she's on the verge of crying. Good Lord. You're not on a reality dating show; stop being so needy. She calls to him again, but gets no answer. "Where are you?" she pleads.

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