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Coma Chameleons

Chloe gracefully changes the subject. She asks what Clark Kent's worst nightmare was. There are still tears on her face. Clark lies, but not really. He doesn't explain his toxin dream, but says that it was that he woke up and everyone he knew was gone. He was completely alone. "I wish I could say that I'll always be there for you," Chloe says sadly, "but somehow I get the feeling that may not be a promise I can keep." Chloe says that Clark was the only person who came out of it. She says it's not because Clark's been taking his vitamins. Clark starts to stop her, but Chloe gets there first. She says that Clark doesn't have to tell her. She says she knows she promised to stop prying, but that holding her mother's secret these last few months made her feel more alone than she'd ever felt. Clark says it's weird when people think they know you but have no idea what you're going through. Oh, boo hoo, Clark. "I'd hate to live my whole life like this," Clark says. Chloe tells Clark it's amazing how quickly that feeling of loneliness disappears. Tight close-ups here. "If you can't tell your best friend, who can you tell? Right, Clark?" she asks. Clark searches Chloe's face. Chloe looks back with the most serious looks she's ever given him. I could go on for another few paragraphs about this scene, but all I'll say is that Allison Mack plays this scene so note-perfect that she's quickly becoming the heart of the show, and her Chloe has become by far the most sympathetic character in the cast. This wasn't the best episode of the season, but this last scene makes up for quite a lot. Great, great job.

Not a bad way to step into December hiatus, huh? I'll see you folks in a few weeks. Have a lovely holiday season. I'll catch you in the '05.

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