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Son of "Secrets and Lies"
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The episode opens with a scenic view of Smallville farmland. Everything is sunny and green as Clark's distinctively low-budget blur zips along the perpetually empty roads leading home. He walks in through the kitchen door, wearing his red leather super-jacket, and finds Tess enjoying a cup of coffee at the table. How many times is this guy going to walk into his unprotected home wearing that outfit before some outsider sees him? Tess fumbles with her coffee cup, obviously nervous about something. Clark seems surprised to see her, so she must not be living there after the fall of the House of Luthor. Her loose-fitting, side-tied blouse looks kind of like a dressing gown, so this scene was kind of confusing on first watching. When he asks what she's doing there, she stammers something about not having much time to catch up lately. Makes sense. "So how are you?" Clark asks. "Good, good!" she says brightly. "How are you?" "I'm fine, thanks," he says, narrowing his eyes. He glances around like he's waiting for the other shoe to drop. Under his suspicious gaze, Tess stammers some more and moves around to the far side of the table. She haltingly tells him that there's been an incident with their "little project." Clark, unable to hear the light, comical tone of the music in the soundtrack, grows worried. Tess explains: "Ever since Alexander's reboot, he's been totally glitch-free and ready to enter the real world." Man, she's not only working Chloe's old job at Watchtower now, she's also starting to talk like her. She goes on to say that Alexander needs someone to guide him. She wants that person to be Clark, but Clark isn't sold on the idea. He points out that Alexander is Lex's clone. Given their history, maybe Clark isn't the best person for the job.

Tess pours herself another cup of coffee. She stutters so much it's surprising she doesn't spill it. She goes on about how quickly Alexander is learning. "He just needs someone there for him, like family," she says. Clark reminds Tess that she's Alexander's sister, but Tess is insistent that Clark is the one to bring out the best in him. She tells him that Alexander is outside waiting in the car. Clark makes a series of apoplectic faces. He's worried that Alexander will remember something about him, but Tess reassures him that the kid doesn't remember anything. She says he's going through some kind of metamorphosis. "Ever since he's been changing, we've been learning new things about him, like things about his, um, genetic origin." She can barely look Clark in the eye as she says the last. Before she can go on, there's a loud crash from the barn. She and Clark go to investigate and find Alexander holding up a tractor by its front axle. He's all grins. "Hey, Tess, check it out!" His once-ginger hair is black now. Tess turns to Clark and lowers her voice to a whisper. "He doesn't just have Lex's genes; half of his DNA came from you." Clark gapes at her. Clark gapes at Alexander. Somebody save him!

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