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Son of "Secrets and Lies"

Suddenly, Conner gets all pukey in the face. "Oof! What's happening ?" He drops to the floor. A second later, Clark follows suit, revealing that Lionel has walked up behind him with a big chunk of green kryptonite. He whacks Clark in the face with it, then places the chunk next to his head. For some reason, instead of killing Clark, Lionel grabs Conner and starts dragging him away. "Let him go!" Clark burbles. Conner jerks away from Lionel even as Lionel promises to help him become a god. Conner looks back at Clark, then at Lionel again. He gets a steely look on his boyish little face. "I know who I am," he says with what defiance he can muster. His eyes glow with fire. Lionel starts shaking his head, possibly protesting what he assumes is about to become his toasty fate, but Conner turns his heat vision towards the kryptonite. He blasts the rock until it explodes into a multitude of shards and poisonous green gas. Clark gasps and writhes in pain, his skin melting away, his eyes boiling out of their sockets, and his lungs turning to goo in his chest. Or maybe he just gets up like he hasn't been pelted with poisonous kryptonite at all. Lionel scampers away as Conner goes to stand beside his real papa. "Let's go home," Clark says, giving the boy the patented Kent-clap-on-the-shoulder.

LuthorCorp. Lionel sits at his desk, enjoying some booze and Italian opera. Suddenly, the blinds open, bathing him in bright light. Tess stands behind him, remote control in her hand. "Enjoy the view one last time. Security's on the way up to escort you out of the building." Lionel scoffs, but Tess managed to dig up the one document he didn't know about. She shows him a tablet PC with a scan of her adoption papers. It seems odd that Lionel would put his name on the papers. Wouldn't he have distanced himself from her completely? He also left his fingerprints on the documents, Tess says. The fingerprints are a mirror image of the otherworldly Lionel's. "It proves that you are a fake," she says. That... seems pretty flimsy. She says her lawyers are drawing up papers that give her back control of LuthorCorp. When Lionel is less than scared, she tells him that the scotch he just drank was "laced with nano-trackers." "From now on, I will know your every move," she says. "And if you try to retaliate against me or my friends, I will crush you." Stuff that in your chauvinist pipe and smoke it, buddy. Lionel studies her for a while, then moves uncomfortably close to her. Somehow, she manages not to recoil. When he wonders why she doesn't just have him killed, she says, "Because that's not who I am." Two guards come to take Lionel away. Before he goes, Lionel says she's really a Luthor, no matter how much she pretends to change for Clark. It's too late to bet on that filly, mister.

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