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Son of "Secrets and Lies"

Kent Farm. Conner is replacing the barn wall he fried, pushing in the nails with his fingers. At least pretend to use a hammer when you're out in the open, would you? Like a true Kent man, he's wearing a plaid shirt. Clark walks up and compliments his work. Conner feels bad about all the trouble he's caused, but Clark doesn't blame him. He even apologizes for lying to him. Our Clarky is growing up. Still, Conner realizes it was pretty dumb of him to trust Lionel. Clark tells him not to beat himself up. He didn't know Lionel was a bad daddy and he didn't know the deal with the red kryptonite. "It's one of the drawbacks of being like us," Clark says. "But I'm not like you, Clark," Conner mopes. "Maybe on the outside, with all that I can do, but what that ring brought out in me? That was all Lex." Clark explains that there's a "shadow" inside everybody, but that doesn't mean he has to embrace it. "You decide who you really are," he says. He does another clap on the shoulder. "And I know you'll make the right choice and become the hero you're destined to be." But... that's not a choice. I wish this show weren't so wedded to half-assed ideas of destiny and fate. Nonetheless, Conner is pleased. He thinks he should start dressing the part. He tears open his plaid shirt to reveal a black and red Superboy shirt. Clark makes a skeptical face, so Conner hurries to explain himself. "I know I have a lot to learn, but when you feel I'm ready to join the team... I'd like to." Clark hands him a folder with an application (say what?) to Smallville High. Conner is tickled pink when he sees the name on the first page: "Conner Kent!" Clark welcomes him home. Conner grins and zips away to work on the fence. Clark watches proudly as the next generation of free farm labor takes shape.

Lois walks up behind Clark. She commends him on his nature and nurturing winning out in the end. Clark still regrets not telling Conner the truth. Lois has her own apologies: "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you I was investigating Lionel." Man, everyone's acting so mature, taking responsibility for their stupidness. What show is this? Clark understands. She was trying to protect him. He thinks about what a hard job his parents had raising him. The diaper changes alone were a Herculean task. "If they hadn't been such amazing parents, this world could have been a much darker place." Lois thinks Clark will be a great dad to their own kids someday. They smile at each other and kiss.

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