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Son of "Secrets and Lies"

Cemetery, night. Lionel walks up to the black obelisk of Lex's tombstone. Oddly enough, there are multiple rows of similar obelisks. Was there a sale? Lionel places a single flower in a vase. "Together, we could have ruled this world," he says. "I would give anything, my son, just to have you by my side." The wind begins to whisper. Black smoke crawls along the ground towards Lionel. It towers over him, then solidifies into Darkseid.

And that's how we begin our hiatus. Is Lionel going to strike some kind of deal with Darkseid to resurrect Lex? Does Darkseid just hang out in cemeteries, waiting for once-powerful billionaires to drop by? Will Conner magically disappear, even though he now lives at the farm? Hopefully we'll get an answer to at least one of these questions next month.

Check out what the show's executive producer had to say about the big series finale.

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