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Son of "Secrets and Lies"

If you were hoping that they'd pick up with that conversation after the credits, well, too bad. The next scene starts at what must be the ruined remains of Cadmus Labs. A beam of light sways through the darkness as a door opens and a man walks inside. His magnificent mane is readily identifiable even in silhouette. Lionel Luthor peers around at his surroundings, then aims his light at the far end of the room. Tess is standing there, unsurprised to see him. "So it's not just the Luthor males who like secrets," Lionel says. Tess says this place can't be much of a secret if he's there. He exposits that one of his LuthorCorp accountants followed a million-dollar trail that led him there. He swings his light around the room, then focuses on Tess. "I applaud your efforts, but you can't hide Alexander from me forever." "I'm saving him from an encore performance of Daddy Dearest," she says. Lionel is not amused. He demands that she give him his son. She reminds him that the Lex in this universe killed his father, but Lionel has a funny way of seeing the positive in every situation. Lex killing his father is just proof, Lionel says, that Lex was a "true Luthor." He lets his guard down -- or at least pretends to -- as he confesses he made a terrible mistake in trusting Clark over his own flesh and blood. Tess isn't swayed. She takes a firm step toward him. She knows from experience that Lionel in any universe will turn his back on his children. "Which is why the Luthor legacy ends with you," she says.

She turns on her heel and walks calmly away. He calls out to her. She makes the mistake of stopping to hear him out. "If I'd been your father," he says, "when Lionel gave you up for adoption, I would have done precisely as he did." She smiles at this, defiant. Then he calls her "inferior," and she blinks and looks down. Lionel, making no secret of his chauvinism, waxes grandiose about what a "boy like Alexander" could accomplish with his guidance. Tess gives in with a defeated nod. She leads him to another room and turns on the light. A yellow plastic and metal cylinder sits on a small, backlit table. It looks like one of those tube things at the bank drive-through. "Your son is in there," Tess says. "We couldn't find a cure to stop the accelerated mitosis." So they're going to deposit him at the big bank in the sky. Lionel doesn't want to believe her, so she challenges him to test the ashes and bone fragments for DNA. As Lionel peers down in shock at the tube, Tess walks up to him with a triumphant smile, content that he'll never be able to hurt Lex again. Lionel picks up the tube. Perhaps he could fill his Etch-a-Sketch with its contents.

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