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Son of "Secrets and Lies"

Kent Farm. Clark and Alexander move bales of hay from one part of the loft to another part of the loft about two feet away. Farm chores are so mysterious. Clark makes a show of struggling with the weight of the hay, all, "ungh!" and "oof!" so Alexander doesn't catch on to his superness. "Thanks for your help," Clark says. "You're the one hiding a mutant under your roof," Alexander laughs. He looks out the hayloft window and says it's much better than playing lab rat for Tess's doctors. "They think I can't hear what they say about me," he says. Clark makes a mental note that says "boy has super-hearing" and then promptly forgets it. "So your name is Conner?" Clark asks. Oh, good. That's quicker to type out than his old name. The newly minted Conner explains that the name comes from his medical files. "Cognitional neuroplastic replicant -- CNR," he says. That is a horrible basis for a name. Tess thinks she's kept that a secret from him, he tells Clark. He thinks she's embarrassed by him because he's a "walking freak show." Or a moody teenager; take your pick. Clark explains that Tess just wants to protect him. Conner's all down on his weirdness, so Clark tells him that that won't matter to the people who know him. Conner thanks Clark for being so "PC" about the whole thing, but he's got a slightly more cynical view of the world. Clark doesn't understand what it's like not knowing if people are going to hate him for what he is. Clark dips his toe in the water: "Is it true you can't remember anything from before you got your abilities?" Conner confirms that the mutation wiped everything out. It's nice of Clark to take him at his word.

By now, they've moved over to Clark's part of the loft. Conner's standing beside a full-length mirror. A visual reminder of his clone origins or staging coincidence? Conner, picking up Clark's old football, muses about his desire to strike out on his own, to find out where he came from and why he has abilities. Clark looks sad. Maybe he doesn't entirely take Conner at his word, because he says Tess will tell him what he needs to know, as soon as he's ready. Conner thinks he's ready now. He spurns the idea of sticking around to milk cows when there's so much out there that doesn't involve bovine teats. He tosses the football to Clark. "I appreciate the hospitality, but..." "You're not leaving," Clark says, surprised. Clark tries to talk him into staying, warning him of the dangers of someone realizing he's "different." "I can't let you take that risk," Clark says. Conner seems to appreciate Clark's concern, but he's made up his mind. "Besides, you can't exactly stop me," he says. He super-zips away. Clark's face goes "aw, man!" and then he cuts Conner off at super-speed. Conner stares at him. "Whoa." "I'm like you," Clark says. Conner takes that in for a few moments. "So... does this mean... oh, my God! Are you... are you, like, my dad?" That ruffles Clark's feathers just a bit. "I prefer 'brother,'" he says. He makes another mental note: "Investigate krypto-botox." Conner is thrilled. Up till now, he thought that only he and the Blur had these powers. As soon as he says it, he realizes that Clark is the Blur. Clark doesn't confirm it, but his pleased smile gives him away. He wonders how Conner even knows about the Blur. Dude, he's been living in a medical lab, not Pluto. Conner gushes about all the lives Clark has saved. He's eager for them to go make some saves together, but Clark puts the brakes on because Conner still has things to learn. Aw, let him get a kitten out of a tree, Super-Mope! Clark tells him that they're going to stay at the farm until Conner can control his abilities. Conner's all, "I am in total control!"

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